меховые наушникиEvery girl dreams to be trendy and modern looking, but in the winter it is very difficult to do. However, designers have invented many interesting winter accessories that add energy and originality in the image of fashionista. Fashionable fur headphones have become a real boon in recent years and is now considered one of the trend of acquisitions in the wardrobe of any beauty.


Actual item winter wardrobe

Fur headphones combine comfort, convenience and styling, making them not only a pleasant addition to the image, but also a functional accessory. Actually fur earmuffs can really keep you warm. There are a lot of reasons why ladies prefer fur headphones, not hats, berets, caps and other headgear.

The main advantage of headphones is that they do not allow the hairstyle to collapse or be damaged, do not generate static electricity in your hair.

Fur headphones is designed for young girls to emphasize their playfulness, freshness, vigor and courage.

Fur earmuffs ideal for women of any age, adding charm and enthusiasm. They blend beautifully with any clothes, whether it is a parka, jacket or coat.

Special attention should be paid to the quality of fur, which made headphones. It affects not only the image creation, but also the life of the product. Models of headphones are created from different materials:

  • natural fur of a hare, Arctic Fox, Fox has a more restrained and natural tones and is able to Refine any way;
  • synthetic fur, created on the basis of non-natural materials, offers a wide variety of shapes and color palettes that fits mostly girls and young girls.


The care of fur headphones

To headphones for a long time kept their shape and looked after while not worse than on the day of purchase, simply follow a few simple rules that will prolong the life of any fur headphones:

  • After returning home headphones need careful lightly shake from falling on them of dust, debris, rain or snow;
  • Headphones must be dried immediately at room temperature, electric heaters heat may deform the fur on even the most high-quality models;
  • It is best to store the headphones in a specially intended for them the case. Fur earmuffs are stored on the base so that the pile did not primals and do not lose shape;
  • In the case of contamination models the best option would be contacting cleaning.

To wear fur earmuffs can be absolutely any occasion. They harmoniously will look at the ski Lodge, and on the ice rink, and on the romantic walk in the Park. Fur earmuffs will help even the most ordinary outfit stand out from the crowd and be memorable.

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