меховая безрукавкаFur has long become a fashion accessory to the fall and winter wardrobe and now occupies a leading position as a stylish accessory out of season. It’s not heavy fur coat, which obliges and confers a special status, Shrouding halo inaccessible luxury. Moreover, if the fur is natural and very expensive. Fur vest is not so demanding of stylistic combinations and more favourable to young girls, whose lush coat can age.

The availability of fur jerseys due to the prevalence of ecological fashion and natural mind artificial fur adds points of this part.


Stylish comfort

Fur vest is a great piece of wardrobe for the off-season. In autumn and spring is not always easy to choose clothes that moves from frosty winters, but does not allow to freeze in a thin coat. Covering only part of the body, leaving a free hand, vest fur protect from cold and allows dynamic life, which is difficult in sheepskin coats and fur jackets.

Around the world, you can see the famous girls, fashion bloggers, glorifying the beauty of the paralytic street style in clothes, wearing a fur vest day and night, winter and summer. The secret is in the wide possibilities of adaptation of this part of the service, and endless images that give designers, building on the type of fur.


Types of fur for sleeveless jackets

Natural fur always looks chic addition image or its basis. If you have no prejudices about natural fur, offered to your attention a luxurious fur vest, from the best brands.

Very in demand today are red Fox fur and chernoburka.

The secret of popularity in a recognizable color and in a long NAP, which is capable to become the backbone of youth image – these furs are the most revered among young girls. Fur silver Fox population has a beautiful black-and-white transitions, and such vest perfectly with minimal images with a touch of Gothic or rock style. Wear them with leather pants, heavy shoes, putting on a simple t-shirts or minimalist smooth Longsleeves.

Classic furs red Fox even more recognisable form, through which vest from it is a great accessory for the realization hippy style created light floral dresses, denim and leather espadrilles. Fox vest also put on a checkered shirt, smooth turtlenecks.

As a budget version of a fur vest can be considered a model of fabric, leather or knitted fur rims, which, depending on the type of fur, can look very lush.

Vest of natural rabbit fur more accessible and can look stylish and qualitatively, however, by itself this fur wears out faster. Consider this when choosing a model for frequent use and problematic climate with rain and snow.

Faux fur allows not only to save money and to join ecologycally mods. Sleeveless jackets faux fur is very popular and are visible competition models from natural fur. The fur can be simulated natural and deliberately artificial, even a little shabby, though found in grandmother’s chest.


What to wear a fur vest

Vest from any fur is, above all, an accessory that complements your image, emphasizing individuality. The experience of her stay among the favorites of fashion designers proves that this model is not necessarily to be practical – it is enough to be, and the image will be completed final touch.

  • Fur vest is worn over a thin, smooth Longsleeves, jeans, t-shirts, t-shirts. It can be worn under clothingif it is with short fur. Natural or artificial fur vest can be connected with sport style – it is great for morning Jogging in the Park in cool weather.
  • In a fur vest, you can go to a party, wearing her mini-dress and high heels, or work, decorating elegant model thin chiffon blouse.
  • Don’t be satisfied with simple images fur sleeveless jackets, styles, which are many, regardless of fur. Very popular sleeveless jacket with a belt with a thin or thick leather or silk ribbon. For short or Maxi dress well suited shortened vest for poor girls.
  • Textbook combination of fur vests a wide-brimmed hat – figure style of the seventies. To blend in with it, choose natural fur neutral shades.
  • Do not wear a fur vest girls with large Breasts or total weight, that almost any model will emphasize.

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