FurlaPassion talented Italians to the creation and sale of leather accessories knows no borders, and Furla another proof. This brand is well known to all the women who have a weakness for beautiful buying bags from quality leather and regular updating of your personal сумочного assortment. But Furla is not only bags, and other accessories. And, of course, is a large family company – could you expect something else from a successful Italian brand?


First attempt

Company ” Furla ” was founded in 1927. Proactive Italian Aldo Furlanetto travelled throughout Europe and sold lovely women’s accessories and nice gadgets from natural leather. After gaining sufficient experience, having studied the existing demand for leather accessories and enlisting the support of the wife Margherita, he founded his own firm for the sale of leather goods. The name she gave a short and memorable, rejecting the other half of his Italian sounding name. Thus was born the Furla. Born and for some time was very limited access to their prospective customers prosaic reasons.

War, crisis and total devastation did not contribute to the prosperity of a small family business that requires financial investment and tireless creative imagination.


Birth marks

In 1955 held a big event – the first store was opened under the sign Furla in Bologna. On this day in this town, is the headquarters of the brand, which now has branded boutiques in Paris, new York, Milan and other major fashion cities of the world. But in the fifties shop is not involved in their own production, on his shelves were lying best accessories of leather, which Aldo Furlanetto could find in other stores. That is, the beginning of his way, mark Furla was the only representative of the other brands, speaking in modern language, their distributor, and the independence gained much later.

Own products Furla began to sell in the seventies, when the family business has noticeably strengthened and brought a stable income. In their position you can take the chance to offer something of their own, and there were all preconditions. For decades the founders of the brand carefully study any other examples, were inspired by the best samples of the European leather goods and were aware of the actual customer demand.

By this time the company has passed into the hands of children Aldo and Margherita. Daughter Giovanna was engaged in design, the sons of Paolo and Carlo worked on the creation, strengthening and promotion of the image component of the brand. The fruit of their labors in 1977 was approved first logo Furla, which decorated all of their bags.


Secret of success

Italy in the twentieth century was famous for producing high quality leather goods, and to get into this area of the company with limited budgets and, at first, the lack of own production was not easy. But Furla is managed, and its concept of brand adheres to this day. Things Furla have a special aura, they look very good and expensive, but cost far less than premium brands, producing like products. This fact could not be ignored by women, at all times looking for a way to look good, without spending a fortune on your image.

Today, there are over two hundred stores Furla, where you can find a good price real Italian quality genuine leather and impeccable dressing are paramount values. In 2008 the Fund was established Fondazione Furla, designed to discover talented young designers and assist their development and promotion. Furla Talent Hub – search project designers who will work for the good of the brand, that is, to fully participate in the creation of collections Furla.

Furla handbags have feminine design, deprived of vulgarity, but their creators it is impossible to blame the artlessness. Beauty, comfort and top quality – the three components of success of this Italian brand, which produces not only handbags and other leather accessories for both women and men.

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