Гарциния камбоджийская

Those who fear chemically synthesized funds to reduce weight, constantly trying to find in the fauna of our planet, some wonder drug that can help resolve their problems. Here Garcinia cambogia for weight loss is used quite often as itself and as a component in the composition of various dietary supplements. What is remarkable given the representative flora and all the people he comes?

Useful properties and use features

In recent times, when all the fruits and herbs for weight loss are becoming increasingly popular, Garcinia cambogia also basking in the rays of his glory. It is a tropical plant of the family hunting, the fruits of which are traditionally used in cooking Australia, South Africa and some countries in Asia. The peoples of these territories, for many centuries know that substances contained in the plant, help to strengthen the immune system and improve digestion.

As a tool for weight loss Garcinia cambogia appreciated for certain useful properties. First, it is a natural loss of appetite. The fact that the fruits of the plant are rich in pectin. And if you eat them, and then drink plenty of water, then the connective tissue of this “ectoprocta” fill the stomach, creating a feeling of satiety. So if overdose is your “profession”, pay attention to the mangosteen.

Secondly, it is the property of accelerating the metabolism, which is provided by the content in fruits of hydroxylamino acid (GLA), which is a proven catalyst for the breakdown of lipids. So fats from “tyajeloya” the food that you eat, because the plant will be utilized less. However, without physical activity and certain amendments in the diet results weight loss with mangosteen is not so revolutionary. As shown by the research results, without additional “incentives” for the month of may to go from strength 2-3 kg

Thirdly, another notable and very important feature of the fruit is that their use reduces cravings for sweet foods and at the same time maintain the proper level of emotional background, contributing to the slight increase serotonin levels. In other words, if you used to uplift his mood lasted for cake, now Garcinia will allow you to draw the joy from internal reserves of the body. However, if you suffer from really serious nervous disorders, bulimia or are in a deep depression, only one plant doesn’t help.

Гарциния камбоджийская

The extract of Garcinia cambogia, that is, the extract of the fruit of the plant, you can buy in the form of such funds slimming Garcinia Forte, Citro-max, tea Turboslima and many other dietary supplements. All drugs should be taken in accordance with the instruction. However, remember that you should not combine their use with a low-carb diet. Just will have no effect. It is better to give preference to a fully balanced menu, not forgetting the fractional power.

Contraindications and side effects

To the plant and products based on it with care, you should treat those who suffer from food allergies and has a weak stomach. Completely unknown as a tropical plant will affect your body, and especially for pregnant and lactating women. Side effects can include skin itching, stomach disorder, which most often arise when failure to observe instructions Garcinia cambogia and exceeding the recommended dosages of dietary supplements.

Not so important for health, but still unpleasant surprise is that the use of the extract of the fruit gives a purely temporary effect. That is why most often in reviews of Garcinia can be found stating that soon after discontinuation of a drug based on it, the weight comes back again. That is, long-term changes in eating habits is not included in the competence of the miracle fruit.

Order mangosteen Cambodian


Nastya, 25 years. Used the mangosteen Cambodian slimming quite successfully. For three weeks, dropped 3 kg, but I haven’t tried very hard. Now will take into account their errors and find some power supply system is correct.

Alevtina, 36 years. I don’t know, maybe the extract of this plant affects not at all, as it selectively, but I somehow didn’t even feel that your appetite is reduced. So, eating as usual, and the result of 2 months of admission was only minus 2 kg

Nina, 29 years. Special excess weight not suffer, but in times of celebrations and all kinds of friendships and family feasts resort to using Garcinia – not so much for weight loss, but for better digestion. Well, and so unnecessary after a sumptuous meal were not postponed. For two years so I can control the weight.

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