Garnier ГарньерCosmetics Garnier has a recognizable image, which made her one of the leaders of the modern cosmetic market in the segment of the mass market. The bright green colour of the packaging, cheerful advertising campaigns, the extensive range of products for skin care and hair – the secret of success of the brand, which presents in the industry for over a hundred years.

Cosmetic brand Garnier past half-century is inextricably linked with another French name – L’oreal. Mark is really part of the group L’oreal, but initially Garnier was born as a separate brand, which for more than sixty years he lived and developed independently. Therefore, contrary to popular belief, Garnier is not the brainchild of the cult brand, but it deserved a «younger brother».


Green light

Garnier ГарньерHistory Garnier dates back to 1904 (almost simultaneously with the birth of L’oreal) in the French town of Blois, in the Loire valley. It was a time when the French were not versed in matters of self-care, so the emergence of new cosmetics, analogues of which was not there before, made a real furor. City hairdresser and part-perfumer Alfred Amur Garnier offered its customers a revolutionary instrument – delicious-smelling hair lotion, which was immediately appreciated. At a time when the head of the washed only hard alkaline soap, the appearance of such cosmetic products could not pass unnoticed.

After 25 years, the brand was bought by another Frenchman doctor Gaston Ресселем, who gave her name Laboratoires Garnier. The most popular line of sunscreens in line Garnier became one of the first commercial success of the new brand. She appeared in the thirties, long before the development of other lines. After the Second World war began the mass production of hair, and in the sixties, when became fashionable madness of colors and shades, Garnier begins to produce the paints.

A new era in the history Garnier began with the acquisition of the brand L’oreal in 1965. This Union gave a start to the development of the brand by leaps and bounds. Mark continuously its range of products for hair, was expanded suncare line. In the nineties started production of cosmetics for face, appeared new line of hair dyes home use. To this day face creams and hair dye are the «face» of the brand, the majority of fans of the brand, begin to use them, and already do not change these tools.

Cosmetics of this brand is not positioned as friendly to the environment, or vegetative, than make a name for themselves many of these brands. It contains natural plant ingredients, rich textures, who year after year appear in the updated or new tools, designed for use as a family. In assortment Garnier there are cosmetics for young girls for Mature women, men and children, universal shampoo, lotion, sunscreen, which has no equal not one decade.


Wide choice

Garnier ГарньерModern gamma cosmetics Garnier is set series for face, body and hair, aimed at preserving the beauty of any age.

The biggest assortment of cosmetics available for young skin. The Garnier there are lines of «Clean skin» and «Clean skin Asset»that contains tools for gentle and effective care of problem youthful skin. Line «Gentle care» is up for sensitive skin. For those who are not experiencing any problems with the face, there is a line «Basic care», providing hydration and nutrition. Garnier one of the first among the democratic brands produced BB-cream, which instantly found its customer.

For hair care and styling of a line Fructis, first released in 1994 stops production of sun-protection means Ambre Solaire and other means for skin care, including lotions, milk, deodorants for men and women. Unquestioned authority thanks to the quality and ease of home-use paint for Garnier hair Color Naturals.


People’s mark

Distinctive features of the brand Garnier is its democracy, which is manifested not only in the affordable price, making her makeup for everyone. The brand is very advantageous image that is associated with openness, passion for life, aspiration to perfection without incurring the cost, but in unity with nature. Unforgettable «green image» is an integral part of the image Garnier, which keeps faithful to the brand for many years.

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