Not every woman nature has provided healthy and attractive nails. And certainly very few can grow them to the required length. For regular washing, cleaning, accidental damage they are easy to flake, break and crack. This is why ladies are looking for different options for their lengthening, because it is feminine, elegant and very beautiful lady. A modern and rather popular method is the build-up of gel, which not only gives the nail the desired size and strength, but also allows you to dream up on their design. Because the nail Polish to buy today can be of any color and texture, glitter, pearl, metallic sheen, a velvet effect and even fluorescent. And inside the solidified gel is easy to create entire patterns of sparkles, fluff, beads. The possibilities are limited only by the professionalism of the master, your taste and preferences.

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What is the essence gel nail extension?

This procedure involves coating of the nail in three layers. The first is responsible for fastening, the second one creates a form, and the third forms a smooth glossy surface. Under the action of ultraviolet radiation, specifically designed soft gel hardens and becomes very durable. Not even covered with a varnish, such nails look quite natural, and hold strong enough. The basis for Gel Polish provides durable traction with artificial surface. Received nails, possessing unusual hardness and density, permeable to air and moisture, prevent the occurrence of various fungi. This method of building has gained a strong popularity for its practicality, safety and reliability. In addition, it takes a little time, while making it easy to get a beautiful manicure.

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Arguments “for”

Today, women are increasingly choosing gel nails. Which is quite understandable, because this process ensures that such properties, which can not boast of natural plates. The hardness in combination with elasticity, flexibility and radiant Shine — all your new nails. And if we add more glamor, attractiveness and elegance of elongated fingers, it becomes clear the reason for this popularity.

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    Here are a few arguments in favor of gel nail extension:
  • created nails are superior in natural strength;
  • they look natural and harmonious, indistinguishable from the natural nail plate;
  • flowing moisture and air, contribute to the restoration of their nails;
  • easy to design registration;
  • the procedure does not cause allergic reactions and irritations.

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Durability and reliability are the main characteristics of gel nail extension. Four months on average are kept intact and neat such nails, and is quite a lot. Security and speed of process only contributes to the ever-growing success. But most importantly — the result — long, manicured nails, a trend that never fades away.

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