The term “shellac” comes from the name of the gel-Polish “Shellac”, released by CND. However, most often, it is a wonderful procedure for nails – manicure with gel coating lacquer. Why is it so attractive to women?
Гель-лак Шеллак: достоинства модного маникюра
Many young Housewives are interested in the question of how to stuff chicken Breasts with mushrooms. The fillets need to gently hit from two sides, sprinkle with spices and put on the filling of pre-fried mushrooms with onions. Chicken breast roll into a roll, and secure the ends with toothpicks and fry on both sides until cooked.

It is important pluses manicure shellac are its durability and time-saving. Now you don’t have to constantly think about putting nails in order, because this coating lasts 2-3 weeks. While maintaining its attractive appearance. The procedure itself is quick, all the necessary manipulations from an experienced master takes about 30 minutes – 40. All layers are dried ultraviolet lamp, so the lacquer cannot accidentally be lubricated.

Appreciate the coating gel-lacquer lovers of naturalness and naturalness. Unlike building, floor shellac doesn’t damage the nail. This manicure will appeal to women with thin, peeling nails nail plate. Gel Polish will help to grow the nail without damaging its integrity. It should be remembered that shellac is a cosmetic procedure and is not curative.
Гель-лак Шеллак: достоинства модного маникюра2
Shellac has virtually no drawbacks, but sometimes, due to individual differences, it can be hard to stay on the nails. With long-term presence of hands in the water or working with household chemicals without gloves, gel Polish may not survive a week. Manicure should be done only by skilled craftsmen in the cabin.

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