Gel nail coating is relatively new. Until recently, this manicure can be done only in the salon, from the masters-professionals for a lot of money. The cost of the gel coating is justified, because this nail Polish stays on the nail considerably longer without losing the appearance and Shine, and largely contributes to improvement of the nail plate.
Гель-лак: минимальный набор предметов для самостоятельного маникюра4
So, many girls, especially those that prefer tight shoes and the shoes are high-heeled are often faced with the problem of deformation of the nails on his toes. And gel Polish copes with her, straightening soft nail plate, causing it to grow again correctly.
For home gel manicure or capacity need not so many items, and the cost is quickly justified by savings on trips to manicure. In addition on gel coating can earn. If you devote due attention to the professional training and practice, then over time you can get very good earnings will be purchased and a good machine, and the land from the owner, and dacha on the Black sea.
Гель-лак: минимальный набор предметов для самостоятельного маникюра2
You must purchase:

  • Special UV lamp.
  • A set of three basic gel varnish
  • Brush for manicure, for the first time will be relatively flat for coating and thin design
  • Buff, nail files and grinder
  • Orange sticks, scissors and cream to remove the cuticle
  • The basic tool, finish-tool
  • Acytostelium the remover manicure
  • Cotton sponges and regular aluminum foil

Гель-лак: минимальный набор предметов для самостоятельного маникюра
Training nail – it’s a very cheap lesson. However, the correct application and removal of a gel manicure, as well as many design elements that you can learn by video lessons online. Posti, such training is different from education in the school of the masters only possibility to obtain a professional certificate. And yet, even without a document about the training, everyone can achieve excellent results in the creation of a gel manicure.

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