нежный макияж для голубых глазBlue eyes are most often the girls light type, which is absolutely contraindicated bright, saturated shades. To emphasize the natural beauty and does not look vulgar, it is best to choose gentle eye makeup for blue eyes using makeup light, pale colours.



Shades blue eyes can be different. The most common light gray-blue eyes. Their color depends on the lighting and clothing. So, if you wear a bright blue dress, the eyes will reflect this color and will appear bright blue. And in combination with a gray outfit the color of eyes will also turn grey. Of course, the color of shadows influences the perception of the color of eyes more than the color of the outfit. Therefore, choosing the right tone of makeup, you can highlight the gentle blue gaze.

First of all, will help in this shade of blue shades from very pale to saturated. Better if the colors would be clean, no gray tone, and the structure of shadows – transparent. Too thick a layer of shadows and too saturated shades coarsen the image. Light turquoise, pale blue, sky-blue shade is a great choice. You can also highlight the blue eyes, playing on the contrast, for example, using shade of camel, peach, warm beige shades. These shadows look natural and perfectly accentuate the beautiful color of the iris.

Pale blue eyes is also “friends” with blue shadows. You can use a wide range of shadows – shades of forget-me-nots and lavender, iris, Phlox, turquoise and aquamarine, sky blue and even light blue. With dark tones for caution, causing them very thin, barely visible layer.

Bright blue or blue eyes are rare. Their beauty can emphasize shadows that are identical to the shade of the iris. But contrasting colors look even more spectacular. If you look at the color wheel, you can see that the blue contrasts with orange hues. Of course, this does not mean you have to paint the eye shadow color of orange. But gentle apricot and beige tones will look great in combination with bright blue eyes.

Rare shades of blue eyes – violet and turquoise is worth to emphasize shadows that color-match the iris, but differ by a few tones. For a busy evening makeup is better to take a shade two shades darker than the iris. For a gentle day – two shades lighter. Turquoise eyes suitable sand and copper shadows, perhaps even with a slight reddish tint. Violet shade can be emphasized by using Sunny yellow eyeshadow, thin, translucent layer.


Technology makeup

Gentle makeup implies lack of sharp lines. No black eyeliner, no bright arrows. Honest color generally contraindicated – even mascara is better to choose a dark gray or blue. You can also experiment with brown shades of mascara – they’re usually well accentuate the blue of the eyes and look naturally.

Will look good makeover in the style of “smoky eyes”, made in bright colors. Contrary to popular belief, this smoky makeup is not only suitable for the evening – during the day it will look quite appropriate if you use matte shades and natural hues.

Well suited the blue eyes and the so-called “simplified” makeup using only one color. To perform this kind of makeup should be applied on the eyelids primer, and then when it dries, to guide the eye from top to shades of blue or bluish-purple hue. Tani applied only on the lid and slightly shaded toward the temples.

More complex makeup involves the use of two or three shades of eyeshadow. The darkest of them the eyes are fed from the bottom, from the outside. Also the dark shade used to highlight the crease. On the lid is applied with a lighter and brighter color, and under the eyebrow and in the inner corner of the eye – a lighter shade. The transitions between colors accurately shade to make them look natural.

Natural makeup blue eyes runs in beige and brown colors according to the classical scheme underlined the crease with the darkest shade. If the eyes are widely planted, lightly draw the lower eyelid along its length, but make sure that the line eyeliner was thin and well feathered. If the eyes are set close, it is better to have a dim eyeliner in the outer part of the eye.


General rules delicate makeup

To makeup look gently and naturally, you should choose the shade of light colors. Dark colors are also acceptable, but should apply a very thin, transparent layer. Why shadow it is best to choose dry or compact, but not fat or liquid – the latest varieties are difficult to apply neatly.

Texture shadows can be Matt, satin or shiny. Last option is ideal for the evening. Shimmer will make elegant even pale and unobtrusive makeup will make my eyes Shine. But the shades should be used very sparingly and only in combination with matte shadows, otherwise there is a risk to look ridiculous and old-fashioned. Particularly dangerous from this point of view the bright blue pearlescent shadows, so their use should be abandoned.

The use of bright eyeliner in delicate make-up is unacceptable. Eyeliner in any case should not be black. You can choose brown, grey, light blue shades, matte or shiny. Interesting and original will look brilliant color eyeliner, for example, eye color. In any case, the line of eyeliner should blend with the brush with straight or bevelled ends. This simple trick will make the makeover complete and expressive.

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