тушь для объема ресницMascara volume mascara often becomes one of the most necessary means of makeup. Because this makeup is any way to make more expressive and memorable. The good news is that the range of every beauty brand has many different variations: perfect separation, curl, adding volume, lengthening. The good thing is that super mascara not only brings harm to your lashes, but also caring for them. Well, because many women can’t do without cosmetics, today we will test the mascara volume mascara Babor Super style mascara volume & length.

I’m sure many of you have already managed to try many different tools from modern producers of decorative cosmetics. Especially those girls who have eyelashes naturally not have the desired volume and length. So now we will see what exactly is offered by us experts of the German brand Babor. Cosmetics mascara called Super style mascara volume & length of this brand promises the girls expressive the length of the eyelashes and the impressive amount. Whether so it actually?

Before applying super mascara, worth reading, which has the same composition selected product. Manufacturers say that this mascara has vitamins a and E. well, just happy. Because these components protect lashes from harsh environmental influences, contribute to their regeneration. In addition, given that the trade mark in its products focuses on the protection of the eyelashes, the composition of the carcass are the ingredients that care for the lashes. Well, now for the practice. When applying the first coat, do you immediately feel that the makeup mascara makes lashes noticeably longer and separates them from one another. This suggests that the composition of the carcass there is a special wax, which coats the lashes and does not form lumps on them. Also, glad that the mascara volume mascara absolutely does not stick eyelashes. On the contrary, makes them spectacular, velvety and with a soft bend. And eyelashes appear natural, living, light, and if were not already painted.

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