Givenchy косметикаLuxurious appearance and if not is the key to happiness girl, it certainly helps to achieve success. French Givenchy cosmetics is indispensable for anyone who wants to create the perfect makeup or care to care for the body. The company regularly carries out research, tracking the latest trends in the fashion world, so that consumers use products of the highest class.


The history of the fashion house

Fashion house Givenchy is the epitome of refined taste, both among women and among men. It was founded in 1952, the first fashion designer Mr. Uber. Famous actress Audrey Hepburn was the Muse and inspiration of the master. It is to her that he dedicated his first great fragrance L’interdit”, combining the tenderness of women and unpredictability.

In spectacular outfits from Givenchy has dressed the most famous personalities true “style icons” different times, for example, grace Kelly, Baroness Rothschild, Audrey Hepburn, Jacqueline Kennedy, the Duchess of Windsor and Baroness Rothschild. All, whatever the master was created, is always and everywhere a success, and the name Givenchy quickly became famous.


Perfume: scent of a woman

Givenchy духи Ange ou Demon

Ange ou Demon

The first fragrance, L’interdit” ushered in the creation of the Empire Parfums Givenchy. Spectacular recognizable package perfumes Givenchy’ve kept no less spectacular, bright, unforgettable scents. Today the collection of the French brand has 104 exclusive fragrance, among which every woman can find their own individual. The most popular women’s series perfume Givenchy “Ange ou Demon”, “Absolutely Irresistible”, “Very Irresistible” for stylish and well-groomed women, “Gentleman” for men who want to always be on top.

Perfumes Givenchy is still better known to consumers than the cosmetics of this brand. Toilet water and perfumes of this brand – the standard of good taste, unusual and bright fragrant composition. Combined with decorative and effective skin care products, perfumes Givenchy will help to create a memorable image.


Decorative cosmetics from Givenchy: luxury women

ассортимент декоративной косметики от ЖиваншиThe developers of cosmetics Givenchy never stop at what has been achieved. In their laboratories every day are examined of the active substance and invented new formulas. The circle of fans of the cosmetics are people who prefer to use only the highest quality products to care for themselves. High price means of decorative cosmetics from Givenchy is fully adequate to their quality. For the manufacture of cosmetics uses only the finest ingredients and the most advanced technology. The range of cosmetic products has over hundreds of items, and each of them is manufactured in compliance with international standards.

If you examine the range of color cosmetics from Givenchy, its varied colors impresses with its luxury and uniqueness suitable means to find can absolutely any woman. Cosmetics this fashion house not only enhances the beauty but also multiplies it: all funds contain conditioning ingredients.

Mascara Givenchy Parad Eyes” is one of the latest innovations of the brand. It appeals to many and has earned high marks among consumers. The main feature of this mascara is an innovative round brush, very easy to use, allows you to make voluminous eyelashes and curved, evenly dividing each of them.

Givenchy помадаAnd Givenchy lipstick “Essential Lipstick and Rouge Interdit 25 Rose Caprice” has become the choice of all the most demanding fashionistas. Quality characteristics of lipstick from Givenchy is significantly different from conventional funds for the lips of mass brands. Thanks to its airy and delicate structure of the lipstick is applied lightly, on the lips leaving a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Also original and four colour compact powder “Givenchy Prisme Again”. It has a delicate structure and fine gives a matte face. Light and airy, this fine powder falls soft and weightless layer.

“Acti’Mine Skin Base” – makeup base, which is also very popular for capricious fashionistas. It fits perfectly, and the person after its application becomes smooth and radiant colour. Makeup on such basis splendidly until the end of the evening, the skin does not lose its freshness.


Care for face and body: natural beauty

Givenchy крем No Surgetics

No Surgetics

Means to care for face and body from Givenchy are especially appreciated by the consumer. Designed for all skin types and age groups, they are able to satisfy the requirements every woman. They are composed of only natural ingredients, such as herbs and plant extracts. The product range is quite diverse, ranging from anti-aging products, sunscreen, and designed to solve a variety of dermatological problems.

Reasons to buy Givenchy cosmetics:

  • Excellent quality products, fully compliant with the high price of cosmetic products;
  • Natural ingredients in cosmetics;
  • The excellent efficiency;
  • The exclusivity and variety of goods;
  • Clear and strict scientific control over the production process at all stages;
  • Harmless cosmetics from the fashion house Givenchy for health.

Cream No Surgetics” is one of the most unique skin funds for the face. Special thanks to the peptides within the cream, the facial muscles relax, removes small, and are barely visible deep wrinkles.

For skin care problem areas the company Givenchy designed the cream “No Complex”. The structure of this efficient cream for the hips and buttocks, having a tonic effect, includes an extract of the shiitake mushroom, which helps the skin to synthesize collagen. Consistent use of this tool leads to the disappearance of unsightly “orange peel” on the thighs and buttocks.

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