гламурGlamour – contradictory notion that causes many disputes and provoking people to the different, sometimes radically opposing emotions. Although this term has quite a specific meaning, what is the glamour of many remains not entirely clear. And the most pressing question: is it good or bad to be listed to the ranks of the glamorous characters?


Festival of disobedience

With regard linguistics glamour does not cause misunderstanding. In English the «charm», «charm», «attraction». That is, everything that attracts admiring glances and perhaps even arouses envy as an embodiment of the highest degree of beauty. But all these attractive features are broken to pieces, if a conversation about this fashionable-social category is conducted in Russian. «The glamour Queen», «glamorous character» and other epithets, which are firmly attached to this definition does not seem compliments. On the contrary, be so for many it would be an insult. Though, probably, it’s not that glamour is bad, and how he lived and developed for many years, as was changing and evolving, and in what manner has the нелестным term, which is awarded the bright, elegant, brilliant, but often not too smart and decent.

Actually glamour is not just something beautiful and attractive, but not necessarily – clinging opinion and attracting attention. He is a stranger and modesty, he insists on visual излишестве, on the so-called wow-effect. Many experts in style converge in one: glamour is nothing like hiding behind which hide flaws and is built different reality, more successful, because such a desirable. This reality is very bright and shiny, passing in bad taste, but it produces an effect which is bet. What woman will be more noticeable in the crowd шатенка with understated makeup, beautiful nature, but dressed in a business style or sober casual, or blonde with shining curls, with red lipstick and lustrous jewelry or jewelry? The answer is obvious.


Hollywood glamour: platinum hair

As glamour is not a style, but rather the method of delivery, special aesthetics, which can exist in different conditions, it is impossible to determine with any certainty the timing of his birth. If glamour is attractiveness, women have always sought to be as such, and another thing – what tools they used.

The era of early glamour refers to the twentieth-thirties of the last century. This was the time of the beginning of emancipation, when a woman become more and more independent, should not have more wear tight corsets, but has access to a bright makeup and wearing revealing outfits.

The forties and fifties entered the history as the era of Hollywood glamour, which glorified the femininity in its highest manifestation. In fashion hair medium length, curly soft shining waves framing the face. Waist emphasized models dresses, coats and raincoats with a belt, breast rose pointed bra.

гламур Мэрилин Монро

Marilyn Monroe

гламур Твигги


Квинтессенцией Hollywood glamour becomes Marilyn Monroe – platinum blonde with a sensual mouth, in tight outfits, frivolous, but fascinating men and arouses envy women. Of course, it was, first of all, the image of the actress, who made it a success and glory, but that is the essence of glamour. The luxurious shell, which can hide other human nature, and may not be absolutely nothing.

The sixties have become a new milestone in the history of fashion and glamour changed its face. For example supermodel Twiggy girls began to paste a huge eyelashes, more Mature take as a base makeup Audrey Hepburn with its broad arrow, following way Brigitte Bardot – beating three-dimensional «бабетты». Again glamour is a style of overkill, without which you can do, but this excessiveness produces an indelible effect.

In the seventies and early eighties were the icons of glamour. While the average ladies wore a dress in soft colours with flowing feminine forms, other girls from the soul experimenting with colors and amounts. Glamour, ascended the throne after the sexual revolution is суперобъемная perming, not in a measure, a sleek makeup, later came the loud clips, начесанные and залакированные bangs, square shoulders.

The end of the nineties and the following decade became the heyday of modern glamour era which inevitably moves to their completion. Fortunately for many, in particular, for those with heart and soul strives to minimalism, which on the background of the outdated glamour sometimes looks «poor cousin».

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