Стеклянные вазы в интерьереA great element of decor can be elegant and fragile glass vase, they fascinate with their lines and fragility.

They can be used not only for its intended purpose, for example, put flowers in them, which brought a loved one, or put them in candy or fruit to offer to friends.

Vases can be a great addition or a twist design Suite. They fit perfectly into the interior style of any room, a variety of forms, and can be used wherever there is a horizontal surface.

You can talk about the many positive qualities of glass products, but the first thing comes to mind is their versatility. The vase will become a separate art object of furniture or a part of the composition.

Thus at any time can be removed from the composition at the time and put flowers in it or use as a filler for decorative jewelry. Not to mention the fact that to find a vase for the interior will not be no problems, on the contrary you will face the problem that it is difficult to choose one thing and not to take home all your favorite products.

If someone confuses the fragility of glass, and he feared that glass vase will not survive long in the house because of restless kids, he is deeply mistaken. Now began to produce glass products from various glass, you can buy the product, the thickness of the wall of which a couple inches and there must be care not to break it, and that you sustained no physical damage, if the vase falls to the foot.

Another obvious advantage of glass vases is their uniqueness. Of course we are not talking about moulded parts, which are many on the shelves, and on unique and individual author’s works.

You can even order a vase by the individual design, and then brag to your friends that you own a unique thing, which has no analogues in the world. And the price for this product is not much higher than its standard value.

Also, the vase makes a wonderful gift or souvenir. It is easy to present to your beloved woman, relative or co-worker at work, thereby facilitating their choice of a gift for the birthday child.

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