глицерин в косметикеGlycerin in cosmetics is used by many cosmetic companies. Choose products with environmental certification or labelling.


The appearance of glycerol

Glycerin was discovered in the late 19th century due to saponification, a method which allows to produce soap from fats. Received glycerin mainly from animal fats and used for the production of candles. At the present time, glycerin is made from animal fats or vegetable oils, such as soy or coconut.


The use of glycerin

Glycerin is widely used in various sectors of life:

  • in pharmacy to improve the soft drugs
  • in cosmetics is moisturizing, emollient and protective agent. Many cosmetic and pharmaceutical products contain glycerin (soap, foam for shaving, toothpaste, liquid mouthwash, tools for hair care, creams, lip balms).


Properties of glycerin

Glycerin has emollient, moisturizing properties and supports the functions of the natural skin lipids. Besides, it ensures a permanent skin hydration, creating a protective barrier that holds moisture.

Glycerin contributes to skin smoothness, stimulates the natural protective function of the skin, helping to reduce the negative impact of external factors such as wind, cold, pollution, UV rays. It improves skin elasticity, prevents the peeling process of the skin, making it soft. Glycerin plays an important role in the skin’s regeneration process, promoting the synthesis of lipids in the epidermis.

In cosmetics, glycerol can be produced by means of synthesis of petrochemical derivatives, animal fats or vegetable oils. It is better to buy cosmetics, which include natural glycerine of vegetable origin.

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