глицериновое мылоDespite a wide range of cosmetic cleansers, soap remains one of the most popular products to cleanse the skin. Properties of soap depends on its composition, some Soaps dry and tighten the skin, others soften and moisturize. Glycerin soap is considered one of the most gentle and rich hydrating ingredients of Soaps, glycerin soap suitable for all skin types.


Properties and benefits of glycerin soap

полезные свойства глицеринового мылаThe beneficial properties of glycerin Soaps are the perfect companion healthy and well moisturized skin.

One of the main advantages of glycerine soap – the naturalness of its composition, however, some manufacturers still add to the composition of their products a certain amount of synthetic ingredients.

Due to the fact that the composition of glycerine soap it’s possible to sustain from only natural ingredients, it is especially appreciated by the owners of sensitive, prone to irritation and skin Allergy. Synthetic ingredients often provoke allergic reactions and aggravate dormant problems of the skin. Glycerine is ideal even for hypersensitive skin, it can be used even when the eczema and psoriasis.

Glycerin soap comes in both liquid form and in lump. Selection consistency depends on personal preference: some people prefer liquid soap in a bottle with a pump, someone more convenient to use a lump of soap, prepared or improvised, by the way, home soap making is now especially popular, and glycerin soap is quite possible to do at home, but more on that later.

On the basis of origin, glycerin soap falls into two categories: animal glycerine and glycerine derived from vegetable oil. The presence of vegetable glycerin pay special attention to vegetarians, vegans and fans of organic cosmetics.


The disadvantages of glycerin Soaps

In a number of useful properties of glycerine soap has its drawbacks. The first drawback is glycerin soap mylitsya bad, quickly soluble in water and readily absorbs moisture from the air. Not the most positive property of glycerin soap is its higher compared to other Soaps cost, the price increases almost in times, when it comes to glycerin Soaps to manual work, to prepare which was used only natural ingredients.

Glycerin soap is traditionally considered to be a hypoallergenic product, but in some cases Hypo allergenic product may cause Allergy, especially if the soap contains perfume. The presence of additional ingredients in glycerine soap depends on the brand, therefore, an Allergy from the soap of the same brand, does not mean the same reaction to glycerin soap from a different company.

The most effective glycerine soap are Soaps with a high content of glycerol and a minimal presence of aggressive components.

To soap has softened and do not lose their shape, a bar of soap should be stored in a cool, dry place and after use – in an open soap dish with holes for moisture. Although glycerol is used in the preparation of this unsafe product such as nitroglycerin, glycerol by itself is completely harmless.

To find a ready-made glycerin soap in the store is a snap, but much more interesting to cook it himself. The self-made soap has a lot of advantages: naturalness, a wide range of ingredients and forms, low cost of the output product, a passion for the creative process and the opportunity to please your loved ones original decorative soap, made with love and care.


Glycerin soap with herbs and spices

глицериновое мыло с травами и специямиThis soap – the perfect gift for mom, girlfriend and all loved ones for any occasion. The aromas of herbs and spices will delight in the cool fall evening and perfect for a warming winter bath.


  • A piece of pure glycerine soap;
  • Essential oils to choose from;
  • Dry blossoms, herbs, spices and leaves;
  • Soap molds for any shape (ideally silicone).

To make this soap suitable dry hibiscus, rose petals (they will give the soap a light pinkish hue), green tea, dried rosemary, eucalyptus, dried juniper berries, dried lemon peel. Please note that some dried flowers can give the soap a tint, for example, the hibiscus gives the soap blue.

Preparation: cut the glycerin base into cubes so it will melt faster. Melt glycerine based on the steam bath or in the microwave. Be careful, the temperature of the glycerin is high enough. The base melts, remove the container from the microwave and stir gently. Add essential oil: 5-10 drops to 30 g of soap is enough. Again, gently stir what you got to avoid the formation of bubbles.

Lay dry spices, buds, and leaves in any order and number in the forms and carefully pour the melted glycerin. Leave the soap on the hour, the composition hardened. Then, flip the shape, and remove the soap. The finished soap can be Packed in beautiful paper or store in a glass container with a tight-fitting lid.


Children’s glycerin soap with toys

детское глицериновое мыло с игрушкамиIf your baby is reluctant to take a bath, try to interest its original glycerine soap with funny figures inside. To prepare this soap is quite simple, and as a result you will receive this exclusive. At first glance it may seem that to make such a soap at home is quite difficult, but it is not.


  • Everything you need to make this soap – glycerin soap base and a set of small plastic toy figures, it can be frogs, dinosaurs, fish, butterflies, little robots and so on.
  • Melt glycerin base in the microwave to add flavor or color to it, you can add a few drops of essential oils, food coloring or colored liquid soap;
  • For the smell, you can take any fragrant essential oil, lavender has a calming effect and eucalyptus is perfect for winter procedures;
  • Don’t forget to prepare molds for soap, you can buy a special form in the store or use a plastic or silicone containers that you have at home;
  • The empty containers are put in one plastic figure, do not forget that the bottom of the tank is subsequently transformed into the top of the soap, so the toy should be placed face down;
  • Cut the glycerin base into eight parts, approximately 120 g each;
  • For convenience it is better to do each piece of soap separately, to do this, place a piece of glycerin base and heat in the microwave for 40 seconds, then gently stir, soak for another 10 seconds until the glycerin soap is completely melted;
  • If you want to get a colored soap, add the colorant;
  • For the smell, add essential oils. Pour the liquid in the molds and spray with alcohol to remove bubbles on the surface;
  • The same steps repeat for each form. After the spill, leave the soap at a specific time that it is completely hardened, this process takes about one hour;
  • Carefully separating the mold wall, remove the soap.

Glycerin soap with a fun toy inside – a perfect gift for curious kids and their little friends.

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