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The fertile valleys of the Eastern edge of the Tibetan plateau keep a real treasure. Here grows Lycium Barbarum or just Goji fruits of which are considered some of the most valuable medicinal plants on the planet. Recently there has been a tendency to use the Goji berry for weight loss. Is there a grain of truth or traders means for weight loss found another «goldmine» for to wring money out of gullible buyers?

Composition and useful properties

Plant Goji has many names – суперфрут, Tibetan barberry, Chinese Dereza, Shambhala. And its composition fruit is multifaceted and is truly unique: 21 mineral 19 amino acids, 4 polysaccharides, vitamins of group B, vitamin C, macro elements, polyphenols, carotenoids, and much more. From here stems directly a wide range of useful properties of the product, most significantly:

  • powerful antioxidant effect;
  • a normalization of blood pressure;
  • decrease in the level of sugar and cholesterol;
  • the protection of the liver and keeping it healthy work;
  • strengthening and development of muscles;
  • an increase in the elasticity of blood vessels;
  • activation of processes of digestion;
  • normalization of metabolism;
  • the elimination of toxins and waste products;
  • stimulation of the motor and secretory and evacuation function of the intestine.

Popular recipes use

Most of the items listed above are directly or indirectly connected with the appearance of excess weight. So really there is a sense to take Goji berry for weight loss, especially that there are a variety of recipes using – they can not only brew, and add the vegetable and fruit cocktails, smoothies, cereals, yoghurt and other fermented milk products, cottage cheese, diet salads, cereals. Homeland plants fruits even in soups, meat dishes, prepared from them wine.

Recipe 1. The daily dose of dried berries fill in in a thermos or teapot and pour 500 ml of hot water (not boiling). Within half an hour insist, then take half a Cup 2-3 times a day. Cake, which remains after Stripping infusion, you can also eat.

Recipe 2. Brew full tablespoon of useful fruits 400 ml of water. For weight loss take a drink together with fruit scheme: 200 ml fasting and 200 ml before dinner. This method should complement to the recommended diet.

Recipe 3. When brewing your favorite tea (green, black, Puer etc) simply add 5-6 fruits and enjoy a new taste of the traditional drink.

To the question of safety

The benefits and harms Goji berries are relative concepts, they can smoothly flow into each other. First, the popularity of the Tibetan barberry in Russia created favorable conditions for negligent traders. Seeking profits, they are ready to throw the market a low-quality product and add cheap preservatives, such as, for example, E-220, which can cause nausea, diarrhea, headache. So always read composition – the presence of other food additive is able to eliminate the risk of such unpleasant side effects.

Secondly, people search to themselves for problems: chase cheapness, unreasonably increase the dosage and quietly wait for a miracle, continuing to lead a sedentary lifestyle and eat unhealthy food. So, the recommended therapeutic daily amount of funds corresponds 7-10 g (36-50 fruit Goji), for weight loss and recovery dosage berries increases up to 10-30, the product should have the biological and ecological certification (price, respectively, will be on a level).

If you remember that is not fat-burning capsules, but, in fact, natural food additive, then you should change it using the balanced nutrition and physical activity. For all its usefulness this way to reduce weight is not for everyone, and it also must be considered. Contraindications to drink Goji berries, a little, but they are still there:

  • pregnancy. Experiments with exotic products from our latitudes do not always result in success for the future moms. Whether the product is a pleasant exception in your case, more can tell only the attending physician;
  • individual intolerance of the product. In this case, the risk spreads to those who suffer from pollen allergies;
  • increased body temperature.

Order Goji berries


Yuna, 27 years. I can name a side effect that confronted personally, I. Maybe someone will be useful in my experience. Goji berry for weight loss I decided to use in the form of tea is brewed dry berries. I experienced pain in the abdomen. Diarrhea not was, but still not too pleasant. Talked with a friend, and I advised this tool. She said that in this case you should switch to extract or juice. Neither, I couldn’t – there is only dry raw materials. In Tibet decided not to go , so I just dropped this idea.

Nastya, 31. Goji berries – is not a novelty. For example, my friend brought them as a present after a journey to Tibet two years ago. The barberry respect, it is called «the cure for 1000 diseases». Then about the benefit of weight loss I had not even heard, but I wanted to drink gulls as a tonic. Was pleasantly surprised when I found out that after one and a half months, my weight dropped 8 kg, And no special effort I did not take, that is on a diet didn’t sit down. Berries finished long ago familiar in Tibet is no longer selected. I think to buy here.

Zoya, 38 years. At first I thoughtlessly took tea with Goji berries, not paying attention to the time of day. The retribution was the insomnia. Apparently, so rich in vitamins composition has a tonic effect and stimulates the nervous system, the type of coffee. Then began to drink a drink in the morning, and sleep came back to normal. So everything is fixable! With regard to the achieved effect, for a month I lost 4 kg

Marina, 29 years. Actually, I have allergies (I can’t stand apples and nuts), so long did not dare use the Goji berry for weight loss. Then curiosity was stronger, ordered. Always keep antihistaminic agent, but in this case it was not necessary. Body fruits moved well. Started to eat with 1 berries a day, gradually increasing the dose. For two weeks, my plumb was already 3 kg. it is Noteworthy that buy a tool I decided on the advice of my mother, who in his 78 years eats 3 годжинки» from hypertension. After 10 minutes, the pressure is normalized. Just a miracle!

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