Don’t go out of fashion gold rings. They are always in price, indicate the taste of the lady, have a sense of luxury and attract attention. By the way, and a real jewelry classic gold wedding ring that a married woman wears, not taking, life. As for fashion 2016 for gold jewelry, the main trend here – an unusual shape for a classic gold ring gaps, rings on the upper phalanges, “stacked” rings. Not only must contrast with the beautiful rings and incorrectly chosen manicure. Because it needs to maintain a harmonious decoration, not to draw attention to themselves, not to cheapen, and to create a coherent composition. Even with well-groomed skin of the hands how to combine the manicure and always popular is gold jewelry?
Золотой маникюр3
That is, as in this case, figuratively speaking, to take the expensive gold and secure? In a sense, to show their gold jewelry so that they look expensive, but doesn’t overwhelm the whole image. The manicure can be done “gold”, as long as the rings are not too many, and they would not elaborate. Also pay attention to the clear coating, French manicure – “jacket”, red lacquer or any color with gold sequins, with a gold border…
Золотой маникюр
Speaking of the French border in 2016 in fashion came manicure “French Millennium”. It is a bright variation on the classic French manicure. The “smile” is glitter. Interesting “French” without “smiles”, i.e. it has the form of a bevel, triangle – a sort of cubism in the trends of the manicure. But it looks fresh and original. Still in the last year’s trend types of manicure. “Moon” — when “smile” is drawn at the root, not the tip of the nail. “Frame” — color framed frame, which is drawn in a contrasting color varnish. If the jewelry has stones, you can use to “frame” the color of the stones. Example: gold ring with emerald simply asks gold plating with emerald bezel – logical. “Ombre” gradient transition from one color to another. Here you can use similar shades (warm Golden and yellow) or contrasting (green and gold). Also worth mentioning is the “negative space” – with such a technique of the nail is left not quite filled in. New from Korea – stickers under the glass shards.

So, fancy a manicure for well-groomed hands should not overshadow the gold ring – the Golden rule.

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