гусиная кожа на рукахGoose skin on the hands is not just a defect that looks unaesthetic with outdoor clothing. First of all, it is an alarming signal of the body, telling you about problems that we need to hear and pay attention to him. People suffering from goose skin on the hands, I want to get rid of it mainly because of the embarrassment that cause these tight spots. However, health and wellbeing neglect is not recommended, because of this disadvantage can be hiding a serious problem in the body.

Goose bumps appear on different parts of the body, but it is on the hands usually she worried about the most. We all from time to time freeze or experience stress, which stimulates nerve endings, and hair follicles respond in a similar way – raising the hairs on the body and slightly compressed. But many people suffer from goose skin as a chronic condition.

These small pimples, similar to a painful rash, but without redness, dot skin always, regardless of temperature indicators. By itself, goose bumps are not dangerous and painless, but look these hands is not a pretty sight, causing embarrassment and complexes. To try to eliminate this disadvantage can, but unfortunately, attempts are not always successful, and often struggle with it takes a long time.


Causes of goose skin

According to expert dermatologists, goose skin is often hereditary factor which is transmitted from one of the parents. In this case, the fight it can take a long period, because the body is initially configured on a similar norm for him.

  • The weather conditions. The temperature changes from cold to hot, to which we are all exposed to the frosty days, coming from the street in a heated room, this can negatively affect the skin condition. Hair follicles “perevozbujdenia”, and stay tight, making the skin rough.
  • Lack of vitamins. To have beautiful and healthy skin, the body with the necessary vitamins and minerals, and as soon as something he will be missed, the skin will react to it. Goose bumps can be one of the signals deficiency of vitamins a, C, E, calcium, potassium, zinc, which the skin is vital.
  • Irritation of the skin in problem areas. If you are fond of luxurious treatments with acid masks or abrasive peeling, remember that your skin may not react smoothness and creaminess, and intolerance of certain components or fatigue from frequent treatments. Seal the hair follicles is one of the indicators of irritation of the epidermis in this area. Moreover, this factor fair, if you remove the hair on your arms with a razor or wax. These processes not only lead to skin irritation field of hair removal, but also to further ingrown hairs, provoking mass effect goose skin.
  • The reception of hormonal contraceptives. It can cause goose skin, as with changes in hormonal levels in the body change and metabolic processes, including, can be observed acceleration of cell renewal, the skin can react seal.


Treatment of goose skin on hands

гусиная кожа на рукахA medical condition that is characterized by goose bumps, called follicular keratosis (hyperkeratosis). This is a common disease of the epidermis that causes inflammation and thickening of the hair follicles due to all the reasons listed above.

According to professional dermatologists cannot complete cure of hyperkeratosis if it really is a congenital chronic condition of the epidermis. However, the patient should make every effort to relieve inflammation of the follicles and become more beautiful and healthy skin in the future by taking timely prevention goose skin.


General health and strengthen immunity

If you happen to have goose bumps as a chronic condition, check the existence of a provoking factor and try to eliminate it. Take vitamin and mineral supplements for the skin, strengthen the immune system, hydrate your skin, do not allow yourself to freeze and refrain from aggressive waxing the hair on my arms.


Regular care

The skin, including the hands, needs regular care, cleansing and moisturizing. Every day massage into the skin using a mild exfoliating can home cooking (honey, coffee, sugar paste), then moisturize it with a light body lotion.

To disappear goose skin, your hair follicles should not be tight and painful-tense, which is what makes them rough, and the skin surface is rough.

Do moderately steaming treatments part of your life for some time. You can help the sauna or professional cosmetic massage, for example, vacuum or honey, which perfectly enhances the blood circulation having keratolytic action, softening thick skin, nourishing it from the inside.

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