In the age of electricity and communication technologies of the people tired of the numerous lights. Neon showcase, blue screens of monitors, sparkling signs tire eyes and irritate his obsession.

The situation is quite different – a living fire. Its the magic of ancient years Manila person. Fire, fireplace, microwave attract spellbound views. Alas, in cities live fire is a quite rare in urban apartments. Fortunately, there is a way. The fiery flame, and reduced several times, hoisted above the wick of a candle and give warmth and coziness of a home. There are several traditional methods of use of beautiful candles:
Гори, гори, моя… свеча1
1. Any woman candles are associated primarily with the an evening with your loved one. Dinner by candlelight – what could be more romantic? Evening twilight, quiet music, tasty wine and sweet kisses. And all this in an intimate setting, the creation of which will help beautiful candles.

2. Even the most modern lounge will only benefit if in its interior competently write candles. Dear forged candlestick on the coffee table, large candles in the furnace imitated by the fireplace, floating candles on the bedside pedestals in bedroom – all these elements will make individuality and style to any room.

3. New year’s interior, too, will look insufficient holiday without candles. Champagne bubbles, happy faces of the household and guests and even holiday
congratulation of the President will look much more solemn, and if on the table among the dishes and drinks located several beautiful candles. The original decision will be put on the window candlestick with lit candles. Flashing garlands, of course, attract glances of passers-by, but the flame of candles will look much more unusual.
Гори, гори, моя… свеча2
Light the candle. Add warmth and comfort in your house!

Article publication date: November 4, 2013

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