готический макияжGothic make-up does not require extra views. Girl – goth romantic and интригующа, however, to bring into my image notes Gothic’t have to wear black robes and face paint in the style of black metal. Makeup in the style of Gothic glamour can be done using the usual cosmetics, it is important to know a few typical for this style receptions, and, of course, comply with a sense of measure and good taste.


Step 1: Do a» person

готический макияжAny makeup starts with even skin tone. First apply a primer or what we call makeup base, then base for make-up a few shades lighter than the natural skin tone. It is important to carefully and evenly blend tool, moving from the top down, from the forehead to the neck and chest. For more optimal coverage use liquid basis. Very carefully treat the area around the eyes, dark circles should not stand out against the pale skin. Foundation makeup fix the loose powder. Under the cheekbones, add a small amount blush by moving the brush from the middle of cheeks to his ear.


Step 2: Eyeliner

готический макияжVibrant colors such as charcoal grey, cloudy silver, dark blue or bright plum look very готично, and they can be applied to the eyelids and lips. You need to thin eyeliner brush and gel or liquid eyeliner in black. Draw arrows on the upper and lower eyelid, moving from the outer corner of the eyes to the inside. Expressive, densely-up eyes – the main «chip» Gothic make-up, so if you want to look like a real soldier, eye makeup should be given special attention. Liquid eyeliner are perfect to create a level and expressive lines, however, without a certain level of skill is not enough. The motion must be solid and strong, otherwise the line will turn out a thick, rough or be painted is not where she’s supposed to be. Smoky effect will help to create eye shadows, powder eye shadow is convenient to put a slightly damp brush eye shadow. Eyeliner and black is a classic of the genre, as they say, but selecting purple, blue, green or even red eyeliner, you don’t погрешите against the canons of the Gothic makeup.

If you stroke the eye is fully a thick line, the eye will seem smaller (dark colors are reduced), if you are quite satisfied with boldly stroke the eye and the top and bottom. If you want to visually increase eyes do not connect the ends of the top and bottom arrows or move only half of the lower eyelid. You can take the upper eyelid with one color and eyeliner lower use another color. White shadows in the inner corner of the upper eyelid to make eyes wider, brighter and more expressive. If you have too sensitive mucous eye, be careful with eyeliner and crumbly shadows or use the fully-allergenic funds.

готический макияжBeautiful eyes up is the basis of the Gothic makeup, you can stop at this stage and you can make eye makeup in a real work of art. Make the arrow is a little bit longer, dramatically raising the tip of the upper arrow to the image in the style of retro or leaving sharp elongated tip. If you want to play around with the arrows, it is better to use liquid liner, not pencil. If you are not very confident use liquid liner, draw an arrow with the pencil first, and then circle the liquid liner. And remember, black is not the only color, appropriate in Gothic eye makeup. Unleash your imagination!

To spend a confident and clear line. Put the elbow of the hand you are drawing to the arrow on a solid, stable surface. Free hand to gently pull your lower eyelid down, so that was visible inside edge of the century. Tassel make accurate movement along the inner lines of the century if you use a cream shade or pencil apply the line of short movements from the outer to the inner corner of the eye. Tools that you use a brush applicators, etc., should be clean, drawing the arrow, try not to stretch the eyelid, avoid irritation and scratching.


Step 3: Shadows in the Gothic make-up

готический макияжIf you don’t want to look like a walking cliche, should not draw on the skin wings of bats, a web or copy makeup from the movie «the crow». In Internet you can find a lot of interesting ideas Gothic make-up, use examples from the network, but do not copy blindly favourite image. Gothic makeup allows you to show all their imagination and creativity, not fearing to look too dramatic or gloomy. Surely you have your own idea of the image of Gothic character, so why not implement it?

And again about the color, without a black cost very difficult, but possible. Note the bright turquoise or fuchsia. Colored eye shadow allow you to create a bright and original images. In addition to black there are lots of other dark, saturated colors such as emerald, dark red or plum. Some of the Goths to create the effect of «the cat» eye paint a bright the arrows bright yellow, turquoise or bright pink shadows. Some mix purple with green, brown, vampire eye makeup is achieved with the help of various shades of gray and silver. Don’t be afraid to experiment if in your Arsenal is the shadow and eyeliner bold colors, go ahead and create the most unbelievable and dramatic images.

Many Goths like sequins, particularly brilliant eyeshadow. If you have just sequins, apply a small amount on forever, but be careful that the individual pieces sheen does not fall into the eye.

And, of course, you cannot do without mascara, and here, too, you can experiment and play with different colors. You can completely cover the eyelashes with black ink, and on the tips of the cilia apply color, what color would you choose, mascara will give a look expressive and dramatic.

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