зеленый чай польза и вредOne of the most popular drinks – green tea, the benefits and harms of which it is confirmed, then denied, then new, before unknown properties. You cannot argue with the fact that this drink really love deservedly, he has a pleasant taste, invigorates, and some is a real addiction. The benefits of green tea for health is huge, but as with any other drink or food, inappropriate or excessive use plus changed to minus, and the advantage disappears.


The benefits of green tea

To learn useful green tea, it is necessary to clarify its origin. Green tea – this tea, the production of which the leaves are fermented or are fermented poorly. The process of fermentation (oxidation) tea leaf kills a huge amount of nutrients, significantly reducing the list of its useful properties, which is what happens with the familiar in the Western world black tea. Green tea, especially Japanese varieties, saves a lot of properties that allow it to make a delicious and healthy drink suitable for everyday use. The beneficial properties of green tea, unlike black, not limited to taste. This is indeed a storehouse of vitamins and other elements that help to maintain health.


What is the use of green tea

  • Gives energy

We feel the vigor from a Cup of coffee due to the caffeinecontained in green tea. In it he presents in the form of the alkaloid theine, which is also encouraging, but makes it softer. This allows him to be the drink of courage for people to feel after coffee palpitations and a rapid increase in pressure, which is not uncommon.

The most beneficial green tea contains a lot of protein components, which saturate the body and allow you to extend the functionality even in the absence of food.

  • Contains vitamins and trace elements

Green tea contains vitamin C, provitamin a, vitamin b, chromium, zinc, selenium, manganese.

  • Provides antioxidant protection

Green tea has a high efficacy against the destructive action of free radicals, which accelerate the aging process in the body.

  • Promotes weight loss

Due to the saturation and the ability to excrete the excess fluid from the body, green tea has become an integral participant in all programs to get rid of extra pounds.

  • Improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract

This tea normalizes the bowels, cleanses the gastro-intestinal tract of waste products, improves the digestive process. Caution should be used for people with chronic gastritis, ulcers and hyperacidity.

  • Has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system

Green tea strengthens and tones the blood vessels, increasing their elasticity, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Wary of drinking green tea should be treated the hypotensive because it can reduce blood pressure.

Is there any benefit to drinking green tea in the prevention of cancer? This is a controversial topic that causes a lot of controversy among scientists. To date, there is insufficient evidence to say that it definitely reduces the risk of cancer. However, there is information that in Asia, namely in China and Japan, where almost don’t drink black tea, and green tea, the incidence of cancer is much lower than worldwide. Of course, you need to take into account and nutrition, and giving up bad habits, and direction of thoughts.


Bad if I drink green tea in large quantities?

Certainly harmful, even if you do not have chronic diseases. Excessive consumption of green tea leads to dizziness, weakness, casename heartbeat, and drowsiness as the reverse side of cheerfulness. Increases the load on the urinary tract, the kidneys work harder.

Green tea is harmful for the liver, if you abuse them. So the American College of Gastroenterology has confirmed that when using more than 750 ml of green tea per day liver suffers from an overdose of catechins.

It is widely believed that green tea leaches calcium from the body. This, too, is the calling of the discussion. On the one hand, caffeine, which contains green tea, really causes leaching from the body of calcium, but in very small quantity. By itself, the tea contains calcium and is necessary for its absorption of magnesium. Well known for its beneficial effect on teeth and bone, so this statement should be taken with great scientific skepticism.

Green tea is harmful for men – another myth. This drink has the same beneficial tonic effect on the body of any person, regardless of gender. Regarding the effects of green tea on potency, relative harm should not blame tea, and supplements thereto, for example, mint, reduce libido.


Harmful properties of green tea

What is bad about green tea for a healthy body? Almost all of the harmfulness of green tea is either incorrect brewing, or excessive use. It cannot be brewed with boiling water, the temperature should be around 80-90 degrees. Most nutrients when brewing with boiling water just evaporates, and tea can taste bitter, as in the case of sheets that have expired.

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