cерый цвет в модеGrey after many seasons in a row is called the «new black». What does it mean? Probably the fact that fewer women would abandon him, considering faceless and expressionless, and more women will understand that this color can be a fine base for a wardrobe of any style and any season. Black is not going anywhere, he had too much merit and merit to the fashion industry. But now he have to hustle, because grey color in fashion bolder included in the list of the essential components of the style.


Unexpected diversity

Women who do not follow the fashion with the scrutiny of the editor of a glossy edition, often neglect the power of grey, not giving him any value and no idea on what kind of experiments with the style of this color can encourage. He disappeared a long time ago reputation mouse colors, designed for office workers, which prohibited any individuality in the image.

Abandon gray under the pretext of its скучности today is unreasonable and unacceptable. Fashion insiders are well aware of how easy it is to fall into дурновкусие, if the dress overly bright, abusing neon colors and even beautiful noble shades. Grey can render the feasible help – well, he «writes» the power of a neighbouring representatives of the color spectrum, calming крикливость acid shades and making them a delightful stylish contrast.

Grey color fits all, or almost all successful color combinations with other parts or in the presence of limited but visible. The undeniable advantage of gray in his ability to fit into any style of: in business, casual, romantic, secular holiday. Basis in the form of one gray sheath dress can be interpreted in different ways so that you can easily get a job at first, then at fancy parties.

Classic versions of grey color in fashion:

  • Sweater dress smooth knitted or textured with pigtails. In autumn it can be worn with thick yellow or beige колготами or leggings.
  • Strict dress-case (solid, in a cage of fine wool, cashmere, tweed, gabardine, satin). You can wear at work and at leisure, paying attention to the fabric, combined with a black jacket, decorate a thin belt of pink, white, grey or brown in colour.
  • Pants. Less grim than black, capable of forming topped with a variety of stylish combination. Ideal for business style, it fits in perfectly with the black, blue or purple top. Pearl color press blends well with the warm pastel shades of the top, for example, with peach.
  • A coat or a raincoat. Classic elegant style – the tweed grey coat or ideal setting on a figure of cotton trench. At the top you can wear scarf practically any colour.


The color of the incarnation and combinations

Opportunities color combinations of grey more than the rich. First, it is perfectly combined with its sister colors, white and black, but he is not a blend of these two colours contrary to popular belief. Grey is an achromatic color, bringing the three main red, green, blue. Apparently, the human eye is perfectly captures the balance inside the gray-level physics and recognizes the many successful alliances with neutral and saturated shades, cold and warm.

Light grey looks good together with blue and beige, darker, rich brown, chocolate. The classic combination of grey with pink and yellow. If the soul asks brightness, grey will help to restrain their ardour. Wear it with coral, red, orange, terracotta, mustard.

To emphasize the luxury of grey color, choose fabrics that are able to focus on yourself. This may be grey with a cold metallic luster or with some tender mother-of-pearl glow. It is desirable to combine these shades of matte variations of grey or contrast for him shades.

Black total look – it’s boring and easy to understand, because often announced a lack of imagination. Grey total look ” is not just stylish, but incredibly spectacular. You can build your image in a layered style where each detail is gray, but of a different tone. Fifty shades of grey are not only outrageous fiction, it is a fashionable reality, the power of which to use.

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