шлифовка лицаModern cosmetology offers dozens of types of grinding persons from fruit and chemical peels to dermabrasion procedures and diamond grinding. Grinding allows a person to put the skin in the order and return to her well-groomed appearance.


Chemical peeling

This type of peeling copes with a range of skin problems, including acne, age spots, facial wrinkles and age.

Is applied on the face, chemical solvents, substances included in the peeling contribute to removing the top layer of skin cells, after which the skin is renewed, is cleaner, smoother and fresher. As a rule, the procedure of chemical peel takes about an hour, does not cause discomfort and quite simple in design. Chemical peeling includes a number of variations, which are selected individually depending on the skin type and its condition.


Peeling alpha gidrolizatami

Alfa hydrocyclone is one of their most popular components that are included with chemical peels soft steps. Most often peels used glycolic acid. Peeling with alpha gidrolizatami not require anesthesia, does not cause really unpleasant sensations. This type of peeling, as a rule, be applied to eliminate fine wrinkles, improving complexion, to make the skin smooth and fresh. For maximum results, you may need a course of several procedures.


Peeling with beta gidrolizatami

Salicylic acid is the most popular beta hydrolysate, which is applied in cosmetology. “Slicica” often is part of the funds for the treatment of acne, so peeling with salicylic acid is widely used for skin resurfacing, prone to acne. Compared with glycolic acid, salicylic acid has a more powerful and deep impact, respectively salicylic peel allows to achieve more significant and lasting effect. In spite of deeper action, salicylic peel does not require anesthesia and the long recovery period. To achieve the desired result, several sessions are required, and periodic repetition of the procedure to support the achieved result.


Peeling Gessner

Peeling Gessner is a combination of certain ingredients. This type of peeling belongs to sparing types of grinding, but it has a more profound impact than alpha and beta hidrociclonul peeling. In peeling Gessner use a combination of lactic acid, salicylic acid and resorcinol, the last component acts as an independent protivopravnoy drug or disinfectant. Peeling Gessner used for grinding problematic skin, the procedure is performed without anaesthesia, the recovery takes about a week.


Trichloroacetic acid

Trichloroacetic acid is a typical feature in the peelings of medium intensity. This substance is widely used in combating the effects of sunburn, with fine lines and postpreview scars. With minimal risk of this procedure allows to achieve significant results. In most cases, such peeling is performed without anesthesia, but in the next day or two to resolve burning sensations, which often appears after the procedure may require taking painkillers. The recovery period after such grinding takes from one to two weeks, with trichloroacetic acid peel has a more profound and significant result, the more gentle types of peeling.


Peeling with phenol

Phenol provides deep skin resurfacing and allows to achieve just amazing results. In addition to removing small defects of the skin, using phenol you can get rid of precancerous tumors and deep wrinkles. This peeling works on a deeper level, so the procedure will need an hour or two, the procedure is performed under local anesthesia and is followed by the taking painkillers. For full recovery of the skin after a phenol peel may need about a month, but the result will exceed all your expectations and will last much longer than the effect of peelings less deep impact.

Optimal choice chemical peel depends on skin condition and problems you want to solve it by grinding.



Microdermabrasion refers to mechanical types of grinding person. Non-invasive procedure is performed cosmetic clinics qualified beauticians. Microdermabrasion is used to eliminate the effects of sunburn, skin resurfacing, prone to the formation of acne and blackheads. Also microdermabrasion allows to struggle with scars, fine lines, keratosis, enlarged pores, nevospalennyh white acne and helps to improve skin tone and complexion.

Standard microdermabrasion is done using hand tools, which at high speed, while on the skin surface is sprayed with tiny crystals of aluminum oxide, simultaneously suction system together with crystals remove from the skin surface dirt and dead skin particles.


Diamond grinding face

In the innovation system of diamond grinding person uses a removable diamond head. Diamond polishing ideal for treatment of the skin around the eyes or mouth. Diamond grinding excludes hit of crystals of aluminum in the digestive tract.

The size and hardness of the nozzle is chosen individually, depending on the skin type and depth of influence. The tip of the nozzle made of real diamond crumbs, dead skin cells, which are removed from the skin are absorbed to a special filter. Many cosmetologists prefer to work with diamond heads, since they facilitate the control of the instrument and does not irritate the skin.


Skin care after polishing

After a deep grinding skin dries up and stretched. For skin again became soft and gentle, it is necessary to saturate the skin with moisture and do not forget to use sunscreen. After treatment, dermabrasion often, redness of skin, but it is a few hours. A sense of tingling and burning also disappears in a few hours. Within 5-7 days after the procedure grinding advised to avoid exposure to the sun.

With the help of an experienced cosmetologist among the variety of salon procedures you will select the type of polishing, which will return your skin freshness, beauty and youth.

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