стиль гранж в одеждеHeard about the grunge style in clothes, but do not fully understand exactly how he looks? To understand the origins of this newly popular destinations, and how to dress grunge and look fashionable.


Style characteristics

A product of the 1990s, the grunge look again at the peak of popularity. Grunge evolved from the once subcultural style in the most popular fashion trend with a number of branches, such as, for example, glam-grunge, neo-grunge, indie grunge, and so on. Grunge is a versatile style that allows you to look at once informal, appealing, elegant and original.

The main characteristics of the grunge style in its classic sense – it’s practicality, comfort, deliberate negligence and layering. A hallmark of grunge style details, giving the image of a careless, as if battered and worn look. Ripped jeans, second hand clothing, slouchy sweaters and tops, loose knitted cardigans, jackets, t-shirts with graphic prints, heavy shoes of the type of military boots or timeless sneakers – all grunge. Add in dark colors, flannel shirt, mixing textures, and distinctive hair and makeup – and you get a trendy and original way, inspired by the style of the 90s.

At first glance, things grunge look very presentable, but upon closer inspection – it is only the effect of carelessness and “home comfort”, while the things themselves are of fine quality, and if we talk about branded variants, they can be very expensive. Traditionally fans of grunge tend to emphasize not only their individuality but also their deliberate indifference to appearances, to things and to the entire material as a whole, stressing the importance of spiritual and intellectual aspect of personality.


Grunge yesterday and today

However, modern grunge is somewhat different from the grunge of the 90s, the concept of neo-grunge has retained the basic elements of classical style, but gave them a more elegant shade, indie, or hippie-grunge added in the old style and hints of vintage and a special romance, and in the center of the image is the glam-grunge femininity and glamorous chic.

The beginning of the 90’s- a time of grunge music and clothing styles. Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam and other heroes of the grunge scene of the time all demonstrated the denial of a design approach to clothes, preferring the “uniform” of an artist in constant creative search – tattered flannel shirt, beat-up Converse sneakers, torn jeans and a stretched knitted cardigan. However, the promise of grunge as “antimodel” currents caused the opposite effect in 1992 Marc Jacobs brought grunge to the fashion catwalks, dressed up their models in knitted hats, shoes and a plaid shirt.

Much of the history repeats itself, and you can often observe this phenomenon in fashion. Grunge is back again, but now he looks like a mixture of the image of a man who is too cool to think about things with the image of accentuated sexuality, but in her soft and effortless manifestation. A plaid shirttied around the waist, almost in an independent fashion accessory. If you like grunge, you’ll be able to save time to pack anywhere, so it is now no need to spend hours painfully to argue over whether this top to the skirt. Not suitable? It’s even better. Plump thighs hide a knitted cardigan and comments grandmother about the fact that sneakers is a sports shoes, you can now proudly deaf ears.

Those who would like to get acquainted with a grunge style, stylists and designers recommend to pay attention to how he dressed Kurt Cobain, river Fenix, johnny Depp, Kate moss or drew Barrymore in the sample 90. Things texture and mood similar to what they wore grunge fashionistas of those times, you can find now so if you want to create a fashionable look will not be difficult, the main thing to feel in this way freely and organically.


How to dress in grunge style

If you are tired of the glamour and business suits, grunge is a great way to feel the freedom to emphasize their individuality:

  • Grunge does not welcome the bright colors. Is dominated by dark shades, over which predictably is dominated by black color. No less than black, grunge loves grey. It is permissible contrasting accents such as Burgundy, purple or red. But again, nothing too flashy and bright.
  • Clothing made of denim is one of the pillars of grunge. Your wardrobe have to be a thing of the denim – jacket, shorts or vest and of course, jeans. Special chic – worn denim with decorative “rankou”.
  • Modern grunge image of a firmly established black leggings with lace panels, torn or faux leather. Leggings – an ideal option for those who do not particularly like baggy jeans, but would not want to depart from the canons of style.
  • Flannel plaid shirt is a real must have for fans of grunge style. To fit the style, do not have to wear a plaid shirt, boyfriend or father. Shirt enough adjacent silhouette combine perfectly with leggings, skinny jeans and shorts, under shirt is better to wear a fitted top with a classic shirt in a neutral hue.
  • It’s hard to imagine the grunge style without tops and t-shirts with logos of music groups. If you choose a t-shirt with print in the form of flags or graphic motifs, you will not sin against style. Ideally, the shirt should be black.
  • Leather is an essential attribute of rock-n-roll style, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that the skin in one form or another had become an important part of grunge. Choose what you like: biker jackets, leather shorts or a skirt. If you have a tight leather dress, complete with heavy shoes, stockings in a grid and cool the image in grunge style ready.
  • Forget about shoes with heels. The choice of shoes in grunge style subordinated to a principle of comfort and convenience. Doc Martens boots, shoes, creeper, shoes, military, high and low, is exactly what you need.
  • Parts and accessories in grunge style play a special role. The image will be incomplete, if it is not present chains, rivets, zippers, spikes or metal elements. Stylish and original look round sunglasses and a variety of scarves. However, choosing accessories in grunge style, do not forget about moderation. Too many chains, continuous spikes and rivets – this is not grunge.
  • As for bags, the way grunge will look good as baggy bags, volumetric models, and a small bag over the shoulder and also returning to the fashion backpacks.
  • Grunge is layering. Don’t be afraid to experiment, feel free to combine things of different textures, sizes, play with contrasting prints and accessories. Grunge amazing style, combining at first sight incongruous things, but with the right approach to building image grunge is able to surprise not only a vivid personality but also a special appeal and elegance.

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