гуаровая камедь польза и вредWhen studying labels modern delicacies can be found in quite unexpected ingredients. For example, in the manufacture of ice creams, yogurts, puddings and sauces often used additive code E-412. Is guar gum, the benefits and harms which are not known to all. Should we be afraid of this Supplement, or, in contrast, often need to include foods in your diet?


Universal stabilizer

гуаровая камедь полисахаридNot all dishes were well kept: many need to eat immediately after cooking. This applies primarily for sauces, desserts, creams, ice cream. Such dishes are very gentle, but weak consistency, it is not recommended to reheat or store. In this regard, the industrial production of such products is impossible without special additives – stabilizers that can maintain a uniform consistency for a long time, preventing the delamination of sauce or cream.

One such stabilizer is guar Kamel – a substance that is obtained from the fruit of guar, pea tree. The birthplace of this herbaceous plant of the legume family is India, but today guar is grown in different countries.

Guar gum is a polysaccharide that has no taste or smell. It is a light powder that dissolves well in water, turning it into a homogeneous viscous gel. This substance helps to maintain consistency of the finished product, including during freezing – it prevents the formation of hard ice crystals, and helps maintain the delicate texture of ice cream or other frozen treats.

In addition, guar gum actively used in oil drilling, textile and paper industries, in the cosmetic industry. This versatile stabilizer and thickener indispensable in many cases. It has many names: guar gum, guar gum, guar seed flour, gum, guarana. In the list of ingredients this Supplement is denoted as E 412. This additive may be in the composition of sauces, puddings, yogurts, ice creams, creams, cheeses, sausages, jams and jellies.


The use of guar gum powder

польза гуаровой камедиGuar gum is a fiber that is practically not absorbed by the body, but, nevertheless, brings him a considerable advantage. It is no coincidence nutritionists insist on the need to have more to eat legumes and other foods that contain a lot of fiber. Fiber swells in the stomach, creating a feeling of satiety. In addition, it effectively cleanses the intestines of toxins, which contributes to the improvement of health and weight loss. Slowing the process of rapid assimilation of carbohydrates, fiber also helps to lose weight and keep the feeling of satiety after a meal in a long time.

Thus, as a source of fiber, guar gum recommended to anyone who wants to maintain health and a good figure. This substance stabilizes the intestinal microflora, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, reduces appetite and promotes detoxification of the body. Useful guar gum and diabetes mellitus, also it is used for prevention of this disease. According to some, guar gum enhances the absorption of calcium from food.

Of course, this does not mean that all products which include guar gum, automatically become useful. As a rule, share content useful additives 412 E in foods is low. If in addition to her composition of the sauce or cream include a lot of palm oil or other fats, starch, sugars, dyes and preservatives, we use the guar flour is unlikely to compensate for the harm of other ingredients. This is why stories about the benefits of products containing guar gum in most cases nothing more than a publicity stunt.

According to scientists, the guar gum in the quantities in which it is contained in the composition of the majority of the finished products, is unlikely to bring the body any significant benefit.

Nor is it appropriate to use products containing guar gum, for weight loss. But with the right use of guar gum can make the diet more healthy. For example, it can be added to homemade ice cream – this will allow you to get the delicate texture of the dessert without the use of large amounts of heavy cream.


The harm of guar gum powder

The fact that guar gum is considered harmless product, does not mean that it can be eaten in any quantity. As with any fiber, guar gum good in limited quantities. If you eat too much, it can lead to flatulence and diarrhea. Also in case of overdose may be nausea, vomiting and stomach pain.

However, the content of the guar cameli in finished products is small, so these side effects are rare. But, because guar gum is often part of the various means to reduce weight, excessive use of such drugs can lead to problems with digestion.

Allergic reactions guar gum causes relatively rare. But to all. If there are allergic to this substance, we would have to abandon many finished products containing in its composition a stabilizer E-412, as well as from some medications, which guar gum is included.

Like any other kind of fiber, guar gum somewhat hampers the absorption of nutrients from food. This leads to the fact that vitamins and minerals from foods is also not fully digested. In addition, a large amount of guar gum powder is difficult and absorption of drugs, so it is undesirable to combine ready-made sauces, yogurts and ice creams with drugs. Any tablets, including a multivitamin, it is better to take separately from products containing guar gum.

Dmitry Anokhin

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