GucciWithout the house of Gucci fashion industry would not be what it is now. One of the oldest brands is also one of the most recognizable, coveted by those who wish to touch the elite. Without Gucci person of the Italian fashion also been different, maybe she’d not had their status snobbish and arrogant goddess, to the feet which fall charmed clients and beginning designers. But this brand exists and thrives, although there have been times in its history, when this name is virtually put an end.


Gucci Gucci and: a family affair

GucciSonorous name of the Italian fashion house is the last name of its founder Guccio Gucci, who in the early twentieth century has opened a workshop for the manufacture of the horse harness in the native Florence. After some time the young man went to London, where he took an unexpected thing worked at the famous hotel Savoy in the ranks of the service personnel. As porter at this chic hotel, Gucci saw how important for a person with the status of his Luggage accessories and other accessories. In 1921 he returned to Italy and founded its own registered brand Gucci, under which worked first as a workshop, and then under the guise opened a shop selling high-quality leather goods, oriented on jockeys. It was the horse’s harness belts and other accessories, as well as suitcases.

Guccio Gucci was a man of family, and all his six children helped him develop family business. Aldo Gucci idea belongs to the famous logo Gucci, representing bears two crossed letters G. In the thirties of the brand starts to release the women’s leather accessories, and in the forties commercial success of the brand is supported and grows shops Gucci work in many Italian cities.


Rise and fall

GucciIn the fifties the glory of brand support and multiply the famous women. Accessories from Gucci wear on the screen and in the life of Audrey Hepburn, grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman and even the US first lady Jackie Kennedy. The period of the sixties and seventies the Italian brand has become a flourishing thanks to expansion of the house, under the label of which the issue of women’s dresses, fur goods, perfumery. It seemed that it is a gradual rise of the brand, which will only gain height. But in reality it was a leap up before hurtling.

After the death of the company founder Guccio Gucci in 1953, noisy and large family for a long time could not deal with matters of succession of shares of the company, which since each year all more grew. By the early eighties family internal wars became the main activity brothers Gucci, brand rolled inexorably to bankruptcy. After two decades in the middle of the century, when Gucci was synonymous with glamour and good taste, the company becomes the model of vulgarity and cheap luxury, which is embodied in the blending in the collections of multiple disparate trends. It seemed that it is a sunset era Gucci.


Tom Ford and Frida Giannini, the Savior of the Empire

GucciIn 1990, Gucci invite young American designer Tom Ford, who became the creative Director of the company, day and night working on the revival of the desecrated the image of the legendary brand. He deprives outfits Gucci their китчевого Shine, giving sets of sophistication, style and charm, not deprived of individuality and even share aggressiveness. Ford has done the impossible – he not only saved the Italian brand from complete destruction, but also increased the sale Gucci up to 90%. Fashionable Empire was saved, and Ford, who gave her 13 years of his life, in 2004, left the company. Many are not seriously realized that the same will be with Gucci without Ford? But irreversible has happened.

In the Department of bags brand worked Italian Frida Giannini that joined the company of Fendi. After the departure of Tom Ford, she became involved in women’s line of accessories, trying to change the brand image, as it once did its predecessor. Tom Ford is not thought of creativity without its share of shocking, his collection were not shocking, but were catchy, Giannini was trying to make an image of Gucci softer, feminine, bringing it closer to the canons of Italian fashion, with its emphasis on comfort and cleanliness. And despite the fact that the first collection of handbags from Frida was adopted fans of the brand with enthusiasm, and soon she managed to prove its worth as a good designer.


New Gucci

GucciThe secret of the success of Frida Giannini, which in 2006 became the creative Director of the house, was a mixture of his vision of a new fashion Gucci and inalienable values of the brand, which remained unchanged for many years. These include the famous bamboo handle handbags and brand logo, and brown, which Tom Ford attempted to push the strict black.

The modern style of Gucci is based on classical lines. In his collections appear feminine trench coats, close-fitting coat of noble shades, with the use of fur and metallized materials. In the collection Gucci many monotone sets without unnecessary decoration. Often creative Director addresses retro theme, which is fully dedicated line.

Purity of style, elegance, tradition and indispensable presence of the latest trends, clothing Italian brand is often chosen as the evening many famous men and women. The face of modern Gucci – is the embodiment of his past in the new interpretation, which denies the parochial shocking, but seeks to highlight womanhood and manhood, enabling its possessor to Shine, but not shocking.

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