гимнастика Хаду для похудения и оздоровления

Unique gymnastics Hadu for weight loss, rejuvenation and strengthening of the musculoskeletal system was developed and patented by Zviad Arabuli. It was named in honor of the Georgian villages (the homeland of the author), the inhabitants of which was distinguished by extraordinary longevity. It is a healing system that includes elements of yoga, Pilates and breathing techniques. The method is based on a philosophical basis, but does not contain complex reasoning about the chakras and other obscure for many things. The exercises are simple to perform by a person of any age and fitness level.

Health benefits Hadu is aimed primarily at the spine and musculoskeletal system. Additional sports equipment and equipment is not required, as when such diseases of the power loads are often contraindicated. The impact on the spine, corrects imbalances in the work of two other important systems – the nervous and endocrine, causing you to forget about issues, such as osteochondrosis, osteoporosis, and, oddly enough, obesity. Also gymnastics offers exercises for the face and eyes, that is, for those muscles, which in everyday life are not trained practically never. Total rejuvenation improves the quality and duration of life.

The essence and benefits of gymnastics Hadu slimming

System Hadu based on the principle of imitation. Muscles are working through their own efforts, backed by the power of thought and imagination. The exercises are done slowly, but with a maximum voltage, as if in the hands you’re holding dumbbells or a barbell. Due to the slow pace and concentration in work will include two groups of muscles at the same time – “the flexor and extensor”. In addition, it is possible to “Wake up” and get to work those muscles, which in normal practice often fail to act.

The rise of non-existent rod is completely safe for your back and other injuries also excluded. Need to comply with only one condition – you have to do to complete fatigue. A big plus techniques – it has no contraindications. This is a very good option for people who for whatever reason can’t do fitness, Jogging and swimming pool. But what good bears gymnastics Hadu for weight loss? It turns out that the answer is in the same muscles. So, the weight loss of this technique is the result achieved certain effects:

  • the development and strengthening of the muscles increases the consumption of calories;
  • due to the elements of breathing exercises to occur active tissue oxygenation, which leads to acceleration of the metabolism and burning fat;
  • improves posture, which gives the figure slim and smart appearance;
  • aligned psychological background, it stops “jamming” problems Goodies.

Basic exercises

The whole complex of methods has more than 40 exercises. Their names are very unusual, poetic, for example, “classical dance”, “gas on a motorcycle”, “frog foot”, “China doll”. For weight loss it is recommended to perform the following exercises:

  1. “Hour of the weightlifter”. Place your feet slightly wider than shoulders, knees slightly bent, feet deployed to a comfortable state. Tilting the body forward, make easy lumbar deflection. You can then expand shoulders to imagine that the hands hold the rod. Take a slow breath in through your nose and exhale through the mouth, as if Sadovaya a candle flame. Respiratory cycles it is desirable to make 10-12.
  2. “A bench in the rack”. Continue in the same pose to pose in the hands of the bar. You are full of energy and can squeeze out from her chest. Do 10-12 presses with effort, as if an imaginary rod really has weight. Breathing slow and calm, exhale at the moment of effort.
  3. “Gait gorilla”. Stand up straight, tighten your abdominal muscles, legs shoulder-width apart. Swaying from side to side, start walking, rolling and imitating the gait of a gorilla. If possible, feel the tension of the abdominal muscles, especially the oblique ones (the ones on the side). Keep your back straight and imagine you are a great and proud beast. Inhale-exhale done on 4 steps. Do as many steps as you want or can, at least 12.

The final stage – a deep belly breathing and relaxation. This small complex of exercises is perfect as a morning exercise. Positive impact gymnastics Hadu on slimming confirmed within 2-3 months with regular practice. You can use the services of the fitness centers, where her practice, and you can do it yourself books or online lessons. Blitz session lasting only 18 minutes very easy to perform at home, watching the video:


Marina, 34 years. This gym has changed my life. Engage in just 2 months, the results are amazing. Started to lose weight and got rid of the discomfort of lower back pain and constant headaches. By the way, the weight decreased slightly, but the body already and volume decreased.

Svetlana, age 56. Retired and didn’t know what to do. I am an active person, to sit idle can’t, but medical contraindications dynamic exercises I am forbidden. Studying information about various gymnastic practices, learned about Hadu. Engaged for six months. Women and children won’t know me. Charging for face and eye area is a real find! Smoothed out the wrinkles, and the rear look at all 35 years. Weight is gradually melting, I’m very pleased. Here it is – the second youth!

Lyudmila, 42 years. Always led an active lifestyle. But after a complicated fracture of hands on professional sports had to forget. Passing your fitness club, saw the announcement of the group Hadu. Life is back to normal! Again I can not load my muscles and not allow them to turn into a “jelly”, but no congestion.


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