гимнастика лицаTo maintain the skin of the face and neck in good condition may not even using expensive cosmetic procedures and not using not less expensive creams. Wishing to improve the shape of their bodies and to remove all visible flaws, people go to work out in the gyms and health clubs. There is also a special gymnastics persons, which can significantly improve his condition, and to do it at home without visiting a beautician.


The results are obvious

гимнастика лицаEmotion, stress, anxiety and sorrow that throws life, gradually change the appearance of the person not for the better. The person becomes tired, down the corners of the lips, wrinkles, tissue obvious.

Regular gym person can return serene and young person in four weeks. The longer doing exercises, the stronger the so-called muscle memory that allows the facial muscles memorize the position which they took when performing exercises. Gymnastics does not take much time. Enough to give her just ten minutes every morning, so the results were not long in coming.

First gymnastics person was described in 1950, when Soviet scientist Moses Abramovich Rosenthal developed a special technique classes. In addition to gymnastics for the face of this outstanding scientist has made many discoveries in the field of dermatology and cosmetology, which even today are used by many doctors from different parts of the world. As for gymnastics for the face, it has gained popularity thanks to Greer Childers.

Usually beauticians do not tell patients about this technique, because it is not profitable to beauty salons. Free gymnastics for the face, if you do it regularly and correctly, is no less effective than costly procedures in the offices of cosmetologists.


Important secrets exercises

гимнастика лицаGymnastics person has several areas that are designed to solve different problems with the person, whether the defects of the facial muscles or facial muscles. But no matter what problem you want to fix people, to perform exercises for facial muscles must be strictly in the morning, not missing a single day. Only in such cases, the effect will be complete. Lack of time there is an abbreviated training program, which can be, for example, being in the car while standing in a traffic jam or even taking a shower.

In addition, it is very important to be in a completely relaxed state, without straining the muscles of the face and body. Tight clothing should not interfere with the practice, sit, preferably in a comfortable posture. It is desirable to ensure that the practice did.

Indispensable for beginners to practice gymnastic exercises for the face is a mirror that shows how to properly perform exercises. Over time, as the muscles will remember the necessary movements without mirrors can be dispensed.

Before classes you must thoroughly clean your face and hands from the dirt, then wipe with lotion. Then gently heat the skin in any cosmetic product (you can use any oil or greasy cream). After the training you need to wash with cool water and damp skin, apply any cream that is compatible with your skin type, then remove excess moisture with a soft towel or napkins.

Repeat each exercise should be a maximum of ten times. But it is necessary to begin with two or three repetitions, increasing the amount gradually, every day, bringing the total to ten.


The main complex

This complex consists of seven exercises that affect all groups of muscles of the face:

  • The first exercise will help get rid of the so-called “frown lines” on the nose. You need to carefully put your fingers at the beginning of the brow to the nose, to put pressure on the skin in these places. The pressure must not be too strong, but balanced. Without turning to press on the skin, it is necessary to try to move the eyebrows to the nose;
  • The second exercise will make the skin of the forehead smoother. You need to put your palm on your forehead, close your eyes and move eye apples up-and-down within 10 seconds. This exercise can be repeated no more than four time intervals;
  • The following exercise also trains the muscles in the forehead and eyes. The fingers should be put on brownie arc, hard to squeeze. Next, you show up and screw up your eyes. Without removing the fingers from the eyebrows, you need to relax the muscles and again much to blink;
  • The fourth exercise is designed to strengthen the upper and lower eyelids. The fingers of both hands should gently press the skin under the eyes. Eyes must tightly screw up for 5-6 seconds. The exercise should be repeated a maximum of four times.
  • The fifth exercise will remove wrinkles on the eyelids. Thumb and index fingers must press the upper and lower eyelids. After that you need eight to ten times as hard to close her eyes while still holding fingers;
  • The sixth exercise is designed to combat the nasolabial folds, which give the face a mournful expression. Need to dial in your mouth the air and roll it from one cheek to another without a break of 15-20 times the maximum at the same time straining muscles;
  • The seventh exercise will strengthen the muscles around the mouth. Lips need to pull into a tube and make their rotational motion in a circle, the maximum while tensing of the facial muscles. The exercise is repeated eight times in each direction. If there is tension in the face, then the exercise can be repeated until the disappearance of constraint.

Exercises for the face to do a very easy time classes take a bit, but the benefits are enormous. We should try to work out at home instead of expensive procedures with a cosmetologist, or in addition thereto, in order to preserve the youthfulness of the face and skin elasticity.

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