Unfortunately, with the advent of winter the hair begins a period of stress, because they have to feel the impact of cold air, wind, snow and rain, and temperature changes constantly dehydrated and dried them.

In order to keep hair healthy and to protect them from harmful environmental factors, try to use our advice. Due to the cold air, mainly affects the tips of the hair and the top layer of the scalp.

It is no wonder that their ends begin to split, increased dandruff. This means that care needs to be concentrated on these areas.

In order to succeed in this activity often try to put masks and oils on the hair and scalp. Unfortunately, despite the fact that hats protect our heads from hypothermia, they act on the hair negatively.

Thanks headdress worsening breathing bulblets hair, and this leads to poor hair growth and fading, greasy at the roots. The best option that will allow us to prevent the emergence of such problems is the wearing of scarves or hoods.

I suggest you start using balms and hair masks that contain nutrients. These tools will help your hair get enough nutrition and restore them from the inside. Be sure to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, if you can’t afford these products in the winter, at least for individually most appropriate course of multivitamin preparations.

In any case, it is best to avoid exposure to dry, cold air on your hair, so you better attend less outside in cold weather.

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