What modern woman does not dream about long, thick hair, which shimmer in the sun and produce a luxury experience? But not every given by nature to have such a rich shock of hair. Get help from a stylist, and a new technology building with natural hair of any length.
Наращивание волос в салонах4

Hair extensions with a guarantee allows you to solve the problem of a drastic change of image, increasing the density of the hair in case of hair loss or scalp problems. This is an important aesthetic element, which allows you to feel at height in any situation, to increase its attractiveness in the eyes of the fans. The building is made by attaching natural strands of similar or close tone using a special adhesive layer, which secures the strand of a new thermal method.

Наращивание волос в салонах3

Previously the building was carried out by means of special fasteners and pins, but more modern technologies allow to perform the procedure more acceptable and assured basis. The hair stylist combs her hair the client chooses areas on which to fasten the lock, handles it with a protective spray. Then we apply a special organic glue that is odorless and not hazardous to health. With glue strand is applied with the help of thermosiphon adhesive melts and secures new hair. Is gradually increasing all over the head or all the selected areas. After the procedure the hair comb gently and carefully not to damage the planted strands.

Наращивание волос в салонах

Care graft of hair very carefully, carefully, so as not to damage the attached strands – because they don’t “own” and can’t grow back again. Some of the hair lost during bathing and brushing, it is inevitable. But for hair washing you can use a special mild shampoo and comb them with a soft brush or toothed comb with large teeth. This will keep the initial desired density and an acceptable condition of the hair.

Наращивание волос в салонах2

To use the service of hair extensions with a guarantee is possible in specialized salons – today it is quite fashionable and simple way to solve problems with their own hair and density of hair. The prices for this service vary and depend on the quality and the length of the strands, complexity of work, level of the cabin. Overall this is a good solution for people who want to solve the problem of image change.


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