Technology the world of beauty. Now, having some financial possibilities, every girl the chance to become the owner of the splendid hair.

Hair extensions – very long procedure. The average length of 2-4 hours. The effect of the procedure: the coat is effectively increases in length and volume. The principle: a couple of millimeters from the root of natural hair is attached to material buildup. Usually the color scheme and the structural background of accrued hair repeats identical to the natural environment. To secure new locks usually use a flat or three-dimensional capsule spike or medical soft band.

For the procedure of hair extensions usually there are two types of source material:

  • Natural materials.
  • Artificial hair, produced in the laboratory.

The most common classification of the types of technology capacity appears in the schema : cold, hot.
Наращивание волос – быстро и удобно
Thermal (hot) procedure includes:

  • English technologies. For fixing artificial hair root is used gun with glue with special refractory кератиновыми resins. Cemented area resembles a tiny grain of rice. The average length of the accreted strands – thirty to seventy centimeters.
  • Italian technologies. The only difference from the English that resin is applied in small slices.

Cold procedure is divided into:
Наращивание волос – быстро и удобно1

  • Spanish technology. The essence of it is contained in the consolidation of the order cold glue. In this method produced many adhesions, but they are hardly noticeable.
  • The use of metal beads. Fixing locks provided due to use of small metal beads, продеваемых in natural hair and accrued hide-and-seek.
  • German technology. Fixing donor hair with the help of special tapes with silicone compound.

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