Наращивание волос: все за и противThe procedure of hair extensions today is not new, every day more and more women are willing to increase the length of the hair, it’s so easy with modern technology. Indeed, in order to obtain the desired length of hair today do not need a long time to grow hair and have the opportunity to enjoy the results for a few sessions.

Using extensions can not only lengthen the hair, but also to give them volume, refresh the color, adding new strands-glare.
If you are planning a procedure of building, we offer you to evaluate all the pros and cons.

Among the advantages of the procedure build are the following.
1. Most importantly, you win this time. Just a few hours, the wizard will be able to do the hair, which you only dreamed of. Short hair can suddenly turn into a hair mermaid.
2. If you fail trimmed, you can easily correct the mistake and not to worry about failure, if you find this principle. By the way, many stars of show business are constantly resorting to this procedure, if they need to radically change the way.
3. The capacity of the colored strands can achieve a new image without coloring your natural hair. So you can do the highlights, or add highlights.

In spite of such attractive prospects for hair extensions, has drawbacks that you need to know in order not to be disappointed.
1. Unfortunately, with a choice of hairstyles have to be very careful, because it is necessary to do so to implant artificial hair were not noticeable to others.
2. With extended hair will have to rethink approaches to care. Shampooing should be in the upright position, in addition the hair will often get confused, you will need special tools. Swimming in the sea or in the pool, the hair will need to braid, for example, in a braid. If the technology building was used a special glue, salt water, hot air can corrode.
3. With a new hairdo appears discomfort during sleep and in everyday life because the metal clips which fasten the strands. With time you get used to it.
4. Capacity will result you in a large amount, the procedure itself is not cheap, in addition high-quality natural material for building is expensive. It is also necessary to take into account the correction, which is conducted every three months, if you plan to store the result.
5. Capacity is contraindicated in those with sensitive skin, taking antibiotics and some hormones.

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