маска для волос с красным перцемFrom the winter frost hair often weaken, begin to fall out and stop growing. To avoid such problems, experts recommend the use of an effective cosmetic product that can be cooked with his own hands. This is the hair mask with red pepper. The ingredients of this product stimulate blood circulation and treat hair.

We offer several variations of this mask. Try at least one.

1. The most accessible, but no less effective – hair mask with red pepper and liquid honey. This remedy is prepared in a ratio of 1:4. But if your Arsenal only candied honey, just melt it in a water bath.

The resulting mass is put on clean hair and grasp them with polyethylene. You can then wrap hair in towel and leave for half an hour. When the procedure ends, rinse with warm water.

This mask is recommended to apply 2 times a week and run from 5 to 10 procedures. You will definitely feel the difference “before” and “after”, and find the intensive growth of hair. Besides, it will disappear and the problem with hair loss.

2. Another effective remedy – hair mask with red pepper and alcohol.

To make this a useful product, mix 1-2 tbsp hair balm 1 tbsp castor or burdock oil. Then try to carefully RUB into the hair roots resulting mass, and leave your hair in a towel for an hour and a half. When finished, rinse with warm water.

This mask can be applied to the hair roots every other day. The entire course is recommended for 2 months.

3. Try the hair mask on the basis of medicinal herbs and tincture of red pepper. To get a healthy smoothie for your hair, mix the decoctions of chamomile, Hypericum, eucalyptus, calendula with 2 tbsp alcohol tincture of pepper. This tool also must be rubbed into the hair roots and leave for 2 hours.

After a few uses like masks girls and women, which is relevant information about the project “ERTEQOOB” is always available on the website http://www.erteqoob.com/, celebrate their positive effect on hair. They will become healthy, vibrant, shiny and accelerate your growth. But such a procedure has not produced any problems before applying the mask, be sure to do the Allergy test. On the inner side of the forearm, apply a small amount of the mask. If strange reaction will not find – feel free to use pepper remedy.

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