эпиляция ногToday hairy legs women the spectacle is not just unpleasant, but even somewhat obscene. Hair removal of the legs in the salon or at home has become a necessary treatment for the appearance. And what way to remove unwanted body hair preference, each woman: each method has its advantages and disadvantages.


Ancient history

The attitude towards hair on the body of people in different years varied. Primitive ladies hardly worried about vegetation on the feet, but in later times already valued smooth skin. Excess hair is scraped with a sharp object was removed, plucked and pulled out by the roots. In particular, great attention was paid to the problem in southern countries, where women were obliged to remove all body hair. Over time, this fashion spread around the world.

Hair removal methods then there were not so many. Somewhere off the hair was not removed, but simply was decolorized them, making it less noticeable. Someone shaved legs, and long enough, this procedure was very traumatic: special razors floating heads appeared only in the twentieth century. For the destruction of hair applied in a variety of caustic chemical products – juices from plants to modern cream-depilatory solutions. In America at one time the hair was even burnt with caustic liquor. Later the hairs plucked with tweezers, pulled with wax strips, pulled out the epilator, was destroyed by laser or light rays.

Almost all of these methods are used today. Modern women can choose various methods of getting rid of unwanted hair: cheap and expensive, painful and pleasant, effective and not very. Don’t need to go to the salon to get rid of unwanted hair is easy and independently. The ideal method does not exist, but each can choose the most convenient method of hair removal for home use.


Razor or cream: cheap and cheerful

Shaving legs is the most affordable way of getting rid of unwanted vegetation: destroying unwanted vegetation of the feet of many generations of women. The main drawback of shaving is a short – lived result: after a day on clean-shaven legs appear unsympathetic seta. Often shaving causes irritation.

But the procedure is completely painless. To cut a modern machine tools is almost impossible. It is important to ensure that the blade has remained sharp and the skin just before shaving was well hydrated special gel or even liquid soap. After shaving legs lubricated moisturizing lotion with soothing ingredients. You can use special lotions after shaving, inhibit hair growth, although their effectiveness is rather doubtful.

Creams for hair removal, as well as the shaver, remove only the hairs without affecting the roots of the follicles.

Under the layer of the cream dissolves the keratin that makes up the hair and the skin remains smooth. But in the process of removing hairs are formed of toxic substances, and also depilatory creams often irritate the skin, cause rashes. Yes and hair growth after using these creams, after shave, may increase.


Epilator: the long

The mechanism of the epilator is simple: this device just pulls the hairs from the root. Naturally, the procedure is quite painful, even if the manufacturers go to all sorts of tricks to reduce the discomfort. Consoles that hair after hair removal grow quite slowly, so this procedure must endure relatively rare, once in three or four weeks. Over time, the hair may stop growing altogether, because the epilator destroys the hair follicles.

In addition to pain the disadvantages of the method include unpleasant side effects: after epilation hair often begin to grow properly, to grow, to skin irritation. In addition, some epilators can only cope with hair of a certain length, and this means that you will have some time to flaunt with seta on tibia, waiting until the growth reaches the required four millimeters.


Wax: hot, warm or cold

One of the oldest methods of hair removal – hair removal using wax. The procedure is available (wax strips are sold in almost any store), effective and takes less time. On the skin in direction of hair growth imposed special wax strips. After some time, when the wax hardens, a strip of sharp movement against the hair growth is detached from the skin.

The procedure is quite painful. The use of hot wax reduces pain, but it threatens to burn and is not recommended for varicose veins. Hair removal cold wax takes a long time, but it allows you to deal with fine hairs.

Warm wax is the best choice for home hair removal, but is more expensive than hot or cold. In any case, after the procedure you may experience skin irritation, and ingrown hairs.


Sugaring: sweet hair removal

In the East the hair on my legs has long been removed with sugar caramel. Very thick sugar syrup and lemon juice applied on the hairs, and then deleted sharp movement together with clinging vegetation. In fact, the procedure is similar to waxing, but has several advantages over it: sugar hair removal is less painful, less likely to cause irritation, available (sugar, water and lemon juice can be found in each house). The skin is perfectly smooth, hair growth slows down.

Sugaring is not suitable to owners of thick, long hair on the legs, as well as those who are allergic to citrus, particularly lemon juice. Sometimes the hairs are not removed immediately, and the procedure must be repeated several times.

Maria Bykova

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