эпиляция лобкаHair removal in intimate area – a private matter, but those who regularly removes hair in sensitive areas, are always striving to find the most effective and easiest way to do this. The most simple and accessible methods, unfortunately, do not provide long-term effects, more effective ways of dealing with unwanted hair pubic hair and in the intimate area, take a very long time, pubic hair removal is a lot of money, and not always live up to expectations.


Wax epilation of the bikini

Wax epilation is one of the most popular hair removal methods in the intimate area. Wax allows you to vary the magnitude of hair removal from the standard design bikini to Hollywood hair removal, which implies complete removal of hair in the intimate area. Easy hair removal bikini you can make yourself at home, more word variations require the work of a professional. Hair removal with the help of wax sometimes accompanied by certain side effects such as redness, irritation and ingrown hair under the skin. Following certain rules, such phenomena can be avoided, or reduces to a minimum. Redness of the skin is the most common side effect waxing, this is quite normal, especially when removing thick and coarse hair or hypersensitivity of the skin.

Ingrown hairs unpleasant phenomenon, which often accompanies not only waxing, but other methods of removal of body hair. Especially often hair grow after shaving. Most often, hair grow in those cases when the hair is removed only part of the hair shaft, as for example, when you shave or wax epilation. To reduce the probability of ingrown hair under the skin may intensive procedures exfoliate and special lotion after depilation.


Sugaring (hair removal using sugar)

There are two types shugaring. First hair removal mixture in the form of paste and second, the use of the gel. Both methods involve the use of natural ingredients and can save you from unwanted hair for up to six weeks. Many people prefer sugaring waxing, citing the fact that sugar remove less painful and not so aggressive effect on the skin. Especially popular sugaring by removal of hair in the bikini area. Works sugaring like wax, you just apply the gel or paste the treated area, and then a movement against the hair growth is removed along with the unwanted hairs.


Home recipe shugaring

  • 2 cups white sugar cane
  • Quarter Cup lemon juice
  • Quarter Cup of water

To obtain a quarter Cup lemon juice you need two lemons. Be sure to strain the juice and remove the bones and remains of the flesh. Mix ingredients in the iron cookware with thick walls, putting the mixture over medium heat. Regularly stirring the mixture, not allowing too strong overheating the vessel bottom. It is very important to cook sugaring in a heavy pan with thick walls, at the wrong bowl mix too quickly prepared, which adversely affects its quality. When the mixture went to the point of boiling, reduce heat and then her on a gentle heat for 25 minutes. Incorrectly prepared product is too viscous for effective shugaring almost unusable. After a time you will notice that the mixture has darkened. Ready seven should be thick dark amber color. Remove mixture from heat, let cool for 10 minutes. After that your sugaring is ready to use.


Traditional shaving

Razor is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of unwanted body hair, and in the intimate area in particular. The biggest downside to shave is the short duration of the. One day you receive the ugly beard and all we have to repeat again. After shave necessarily lubricate the skin soothing lotion with moisturizing effect. For optimal performance, use a special machine to shave bikini area, special design of the machine allows to shave in the most remote places, without any injuries and cuts.


Laser hair removal

Some believe that the laser can ever save you from unwanted body hair, in fact it is not. The laser can also greatly slow down the growth of hair, but not remove them once and for all. Laser radiation is aimed directly at the destruction of hair follicles, which is responsible for hair growth. Processing laser respond better dark hair, as the radiation destroys the pigment of the hair shaft. There are devices for laser hair removal at home, but experts highly recommend laser hair removal genital at home, an exception may be the only hair removal on bikini line, without touching of the genitals. At all. If you want to get high-quality professional service of laser hair removal, contact the salon or specialist clinic.


Electrolysis is usually (electrolysis)

Today electrolysis is the only method of removal of body hair, which allows to achieve permanent results, that is, after a course of electrolysis hair just stop growing. This type of hair removal is suitable for any skin color and hair, and practically does not cause discomfort. Pets light tingling sensation, but portability procedures is evaluated as very good. The electrolysis is usually possible to go even people with sensitive skin.

The optimum method of removing hair in the pubic area and intimate zone depends on many reasons, in particular, on the susceptibility of the organism to different procedure from the availability of free time and enough money for long-term and expensive courses. In any case, the output of the situation there.

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