эпиляция депиляцияRemoving unwanted hair on the face and body are concerned, almost all women and men. This is not surprising, for we are living in an era when in high esteem perfection smoothness of the skin without a hint of natural atavism. The hair on the body are no longer necessary natural given, so they need to be deleted. If you delve into the subtleties of cosmetic terminology, we can see that the hair removal involves removing hair permanently, and periodic removal of hair, which does not affect the onion is called depilation. But in reality, the correctness of terms frequently violated, and hair removal is called depilation. Moreover, even when hardware methods of hair removal is no guarantee that they will not start to grow again. All depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

Shave and application of the cream is a means of surface hair removal. They do not affect the hair follicle and does not affect the growth of hair. Independent methods of hair removal begin with waxing and electrical appliance, which eventually makes the growing hair thinner and less noticeable.


Home hair removal

  • The use of the appliance

Electrical epilator accessible and easy to use. The only thing is, they are not always comfortable in sensitive areas, for example, bikini area, but here are recommended by other methods of hair removal. Epilator good for hair removal on legs, you can try them in axillary hollows. For more convenience and reducing the pain of manufacturers supply their cooling nozzles with effect mitigation. After applying the epilator hair starts to grow in 2-3 weeks. Disadvantages of the method – frequent ingrown hairs, which can be prevented with careful peeling.

Waxing involves the application of warm or hot and cold wax hair which выдираются, with hurting bulbs. Waxing can be applied independently or to address the specific procedure in the beauty salon, the effectiveness depends on the individual characteristics, the field of application and the type of material. Cold wax, available in the form of strips, the most convenient and accessible for regular home use, very easy to use, guarantee the removal of hair for 2-3 weeks. Over time, it can be noted that new hairs grow thin it happens due to permanent injury to the hair follicle.

Application of wax strips not require any special skills and should only take a little heat the wax layer between your hands off the protective film from the contact surface, put on their skin smooth for better grip and sharp movement tear in the direction against the hair growth. Use hot wax – a procedure that requires delicacy, because you can get burned. Melted wax in a wooden or plastic spatula, distributed over the whole surface, after which on top of him glued strips of fabric, and after a few seconds she also takes off. Hot or warm wax to work well on the calf of the leg, the other areas when used alone, such a method is fraught with burns, so it is better to go to a beauty. Allergic to the wax – a frequent phenomenon, forcing women to seek alternative methods.

Hair removal with the help of sugar (also called caramel) can become a worthy replacement hair removal by means of wax. The principle of action of the same, but instead of wax is taken растопленная the sugar mixture with a small amount of water and lemon juice. Shugaring can be done at home and in the cabin, it is extremely effective in different areas, including on delicate skin of the groin.


Hardware depilation

Cabin methods of hair removal is constantly evolving, which allows women and men for several procedures to get rid of unwanted vegetation.

  • Laser hair removal

Hair removal by laser is considered one of the most popular methods, but it is not without flaws. The laser works only with hard dark thick hair, ignoring vellus and bright. The laser beam is directed pointwise in the area of hair growth, destroying the onion and pigment, and after a few sessions, you can say that the hair removed permanently. Another deficiency is the burning feeling on sensitive skin, although it is possible to use different types of laser with minimal side effects.

  • Electric

But the procedure requires meticulous, because in the region each strand to enter the electrode, followed by the defeat of the hair follicle electric discharge. Electric gradually receding into the past because of the risk of ingrown, pigmentation and long duration of the procedure. Moreover, there are new techniques.

  • Ultrasonic hair removal

This hair removal with the help of ultrasonic waves. An undeniable advantage of the method is painless, which is important for the owners sensitive skin and when hair removal on the bikini area. Ultrasonic hair removal is not high cost of the procedure, you can remove even the bright and vellus hair, a few months after the procedure, the hair stops growing at all.

Photoepilation is the destruction of the hair flash pulsed light. It takes a little time (about 20 minutes), because it does not have to handle every hair after the procedure rare side effects. The lack of a possible soreness, burning sensation, especially in the bikini area, and high cost. Photoepilation is recommended on the face where it is most effective.

  • IPL-epilation

One of the latest methods of hair removal, the effectiveness of which is based on the application of the combined approach. During IPL-epilation hair operates concentrated energy of current and high-frequency pulse of light. ELOS hair removal painless, allows you to remove hair permanently, and to apply the methodology in all areas.

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