Look stylish desire of every woman, and fashionable trimmed and dyed hair plays in the overall picture an important role. Each new year brings us new and original ideas and the main motto of «Direct cheat, and straighten curly» is no longer relevant.

In the coming year, for fashionistas a huge selection of stylish hairstyles, and grooming 2014 diverse as for lovers of short and long hair. The emphasis is on the fringe, colour design, and painting in the style of Ombre. Retained its position in 2014 asymmetry.

Stylish short haircut
Парикмахерские тенденций бунтарского 2014
Bob, short caret, Bob-caret and ultra short boyish Garzon – №1 this season. To owners of thick hair – ASTL, and for fine straight or curly, the perfect solution is haircut squeaks and sesson.

The caret is great for all ages and types of persons. It can vary thick direct or oblique bangs. Bob is good that you can put a smooth classical manner or using cosmetics to give some casual, relaxed and playful look. Garzon is a minimalist style, smoothly and gently laid hairstyle.

Stylish haircuts medium length

First place is held by cascade. The multistage gives great volume to fine hair and emphasizes luxury thick. Especially good for the fair-haired, and with the right haircut does not need installation. Trend caret and Bob medium hair look romantic, elegant and Bohemian.

Stylish haircuts for long hair
Парикмахерские тенденции бунтарского 2014
Returned retro style 30 agricultural Sea variants: a perfectly even and smooth or cascade all stepped variations with asymmetrically cut tips. Big hair 60’s in trend, especially for blondes. Bangs thick necessarily with the crown, asymmetric, short, рванная or straight, or anything else. All kinds of braids and weaves at the peak of this season, and bright accessories emphasize the beauty of long hair and give a romantic naturalness.

Regardless of what haircuts dictate stylists, the basis should be healthy and well-groomed hair, that mod will be always.

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