These words of the great poetess Marina Tsvetaeva truly endowed with deep meaning. After all hands, this is something that will not hide from prying eyes. They are always in sight. Well-groomed hands say about their owner much more eloquently than bright make-up or fancy clothes. Unkempt hands, protruding burrs, uneven nail plate with delaminated edges anybody will not add to the attraction. And, on the contrary, soft moisturized skin, perfect manicure and hydrated cuticle will give your image of perfection and femininity. Unfortunately, a large percentage of lovely lady underestimate the importance of this part of the body and, often, forget about it.
Руки даны мне — протягивать каждому обе…
What you need to do, so hands always look perfect? Actually the answer to this question is not complicated. It’s as simple as to buy ugg boots in online store. First, don’t forget to use at night hand cream or natural oils, such as olive, jojoba, castor. If the skin is dry, then during the day you should apply the cream 3-4 times. Every 3 weeks you need to do manicure. This procedure is available in any modern beauty shop, but if desired, it is easy to repeat at home.

To begin, you need a nail file to shape the nails, then do the steaming bath for hands. In warm water, add a little liquid soap and a few drops of softening oil, and then put it in her hands for 15 minutes Wand of orange tree, gently push the cuticle from the nails. Nail spatula walk through the nail bed, removing the remains of the skin and possible contamination. Finally, apply a moisturizer on the skin and cuticle special emollient oil. There is one ancient secret. Instead of softening oils, you can use basic hygienic lipstick – it is perfectly softens the cuticle, has a nourishing effect and gives the nails a truly luxurious look. After the funds will be absorbed into the skin, cover the nails with a clear base and apply over your favorite nail Polish.
Руки даны мне — протягивать каждому обе…2
Just 1 to 2 times per month, on the skin, it is necessary to use a soft peeling . This can be finished cosmetic product purchased in the store, but at home it is easy to make. For this you will need 2 tablespoons of base oil, it is necessary to add 2 tsp sugar and a couple drops of essential oil of flowers of lavender or rose. Grind all the ingredients until smooth and apply to the skin. Gently RUB the mixture over all surfaces of hands for several minutes, then rinse with clean water.
All these procedures are not complicated and do not take much time, and the effect of them is simply amazing!

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