Delicate, manicured hands is one of the symbols of femininity. You must exert a lot of effort into the skin remained smooth, the nails stronger. Because the hands can often determine the age of the woman. What should be care?
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The manicured handles begs fashionable manicure and stylish accessories. Rings, bracelets, watches to buy low priced online store will help complement the image and emphasize your individuality. Watches and jewelry must be combined with manicure: bright aapistie nails will not be advantageous to look with an elegant watch. As scarlet nails and watch with strap light green color is unlikely to characterize the girl, as the possessor of good taste.
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Carema. The cream should be thick texture, but not greasy, it should be quickly absorbed and well-moistened, but do not leave an oily film. Brand does not matter, but it is desirable that the cream was without harmful additives, better labeled “organic cosmetics”.

Wannock: sea salt and a drop of essential oil added to warm water will help to keep the skin in good shape, and lemon juice can help whiten your nails, in addition, after such baths are very easy to do cut manicure.
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3. Scrubs: suitable as a purchase(for example, with apricot seeds), and home – in any fat cream, add ground coffee, gently massage the hand and fingers, then rinse with warm water. After a few minutes can apply a non-greasy cream.

4. Mask. Yes, Yes, hand mask, nobody will be surprised, healing composition also sold in drugstores and supermarkets, but it’s much nicer to make a mask from natural products. Honey, cheese, sour cream, natural yoghurt, olive, sesame and other oils, even black bread Housewives used as ingredients for miracle mask.
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The main thing to remember is that everything must be in harmony.

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