шляпа с широкими полямиModern women want to look feminine and seductive. Hat with a wide brim, elegant and beautiful accessory, allows you to create a mysterious and unusual way. Headgear, depending on their performance, complements almost all outfits.

At the moment, hat with a wide brim are back in fashion. She helped women to stand out in 1970-ies. The ceremonial element in the XVII century and an essential accessory for the publication in the nineteenth, a hat with a wide brim will be associated with the elegance of female dress, competing throughout the XX century with a hat Bebe.


Winter and summer

For winter, choose a hat made of felt or wool with a black ribbon. It keeps your head warm, adding a touch of elegance to your outfit. Its advantage is that it does not crease and its design does not take the form of folds.

Suitable for summer hat made of natural straw, raffia straw paper. Hat with a wide brim lends bucolic style. Small holes in the hat allow air to pass through freely. Hat excellent protects you from the sun, without accumulating heat. But if it gets wet, it may warp.


The combination of clothes with the hat

Hat with wide brim looks great in combination with the coats of the identical material. The coat can be of any length. Hat with a wide brim is a notable addition, and therefore does not require complicated set of jewelry. Under the coat you can wear a sweater dress, long tunic or trousers with shirt.

Will look good wide-brimmed hat and black leather jacket. For example, the ensemble of slim trousers, a shirt of muslin and boots, stiletto looks perfect in any color. The only exception is the blouse: the color it will make an interesting contrast.

Hat with a wide brim from a dense material perfectly complements the cardigan with embroidery, light tight pants, high boots and jacket. The headdress flower in this case must meet one of the elements of the set, for example, trousers. The cardigan can be with a pattern of harmonious colors. If the jacket is long, use a belt.


Possible ensembles

The wide brim hat can be worn with evening dress. For example, the long gown of light fabric (satin, silk, chiffon). Enhance the image of coat or fur, small handbag on a chain and high-heeled shoes.

Looks nice combination of long summer dresses and hats with a wide brim. It is even more advantageous if both of the garment is made of raw material and complemented by contrasting details (for example, a wide belt or a brooch-flower). Accessories should be wide bracelet, pendant on a long chain or a belt made of fabric.

Hat with a wide brim will be a faithful companion for those who like to sunbathe. Hat – the perfect accessory for swimwear and sheer short tunic. Shoes will fit sandals flat shoes with fabric ties or thin straps. Alternatively you can pick up flip flops or ballet shoes from fabric.


Care hat

Every hat requires special care. There are a few simple rules that will allow you to keep the original shape of your hat:

  • Never take a hat over the crown, only by the edges. The correct hat on his head, holding the front and rear edge.
  • Never leave your hat in a hot car, on a radiator or near other heat source. Otherwise it will sit.
  • For similar reasons, if the hat gets wet, it should dry slowly.
  • Never put hats on one another. It can damage them due to the different size hats.
  • Once a week brush hat brush. You can also hold it over steam to put in place all the hairs. When the hat gets dirty, it is recommended to consult a specialist to clean it.

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