головные уборы 2014 Donna KaranBeanies, hats, caps, berets are worn not only in the cold season. They become a wonderful accessory that complements the wardrobe as it can’t do other. Hats 2014 show how stylish and sharp could be the image of a woman who chooses them as refined accessory. This year’s collections are full of youthful enthusiasm, Asian authenticity, rigor masculine lines and a subtle femininity that these accessories cannot be in excess.


Black hats

головные уборы 2014 Cushnie et Ochs

Cushnie et Ochs

головные уборы 2014 Dion Lee

Dion Lee

Hats in any fashion season there are different shapes and design, and in 2014 presents many black hat with a stiff brim of moderate width. Thanks to them, the image becomes strict, a little gloomy, especially a lot of these accessories in the autumn-winter season, where they blend perfectly with hyperonymy coat. Hat in cowboy style with undernote fields, like Cushnie et Ochs, and hats with downcast fields as Christian Siriano, fit perfectly into evening wardrobe, adding to the charm of the image created black evening dress.


Trend New Look

головные уборы 2014 Dsquared2


головные уборы 2014 Kate Spade

Kate Spade

The trend of the New Look, shown in 1947, Christian Dior, easily recognizable at first sight, and not only the cut of the clothes, but also for luxury hard hats with large down fields. This trend, as in his almost untouched, and considerably revised incarnation, appeared on the catwalks at fashion shows different design houses. Couturier with this trend demonstrated that hat in the style of the new look can be both evening and everyday summer, complementing bright sundress with a floral print or becoming an accessory for the feminine look with a Chanel jacket and pencil skirt. These hats are presented in the collections of Rachel Travor Morgan, Christian Siriano, Dsquared and many others.


Caps and visors

Cap with visor impressive size was once considered appropriate only on the tennis court or on the beach. Times are changing, the trend sporty style is becoming more pronounced and eventually wins untouched once the territory. Caps, on the one hand, continue to rasiwasia with other forms, developing, for example, in the helmet, as shown at Alexander McQueen.

головные уборы 2014 Rodarte


головные уборы 2014 Marni


Other forms will acquire and canopy, which previously a huge number of fashion shows was presented in a plastic version of the traditional size. Now the visor is expanding its fashionable purpose, gradually losing solely sporting image, approaching the hats.


Ethnic influence

головные уборы 2014 Ion Fiz

Ion Fiz

головные уборы 2014 LWren Scott

LWren Scott

Ethnics all appeared brighter designers in interpretations of hats non traditional straw hats sharp conical shape, characteristic of Asian culture. Some designers chose to keep its shape intact, others took a sharp tip, making the hat almost flat or rounded. All these innovations allowed to show in the parade, as these accessories are able to be combined with evening dresses and other feminine images, if you wear them, not directly, but a little to one side. Different versions of the hats in ethnic style, which is easily combined with the way the evening caps-tablets, and Dior new look, shown in collections L Wren Scott, Lyn Devon, Rachel Trevor Morgan, Ion Fiz.



Berets in 2014 are worn different, nautical, retro style, with a small veil, traditional knitted, which has never lost its relevance for the cold season. Fashionable berets offer such brands as Olivia Roat, Rodarte, Rosie Olivia Millinery, Olympia Le Tan, and others.

головные уборы 2014 Rodarte


головные уборы 2014 Olivia Roat

Olivia Roat

Unconditional dignity berets, which are worn on one side, that thanks to miniaturization of the size and minimalist design, they are very modest in terms combine with any outfit. Under the nautical look with the vest will fit as similar in style cotton white cap sea cadets and romantic red beret, which will allow you to create an image of Parisians. Beret type hat tablets will change the image in the style of the fifties, and if it is decorated with extras, it’s easy to make a full evening accessory for a formal event.

головные уборы 2014 Olympia Le Tan

Olympia Le Tan

головные уборы 2014 Rosie Olivia Millinery

Rosie Olivia Millinery

Knitted or fabric takes – one of the best accessories for the cold season, it can be worn under a coat, and in company with knitted attire in vibrant or muted deep autumn shades.

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