головные уборы 2014The fashion for caps and hats with each season undergoes minor changes. They concern mainly small stylistic deviations forms that have already been adopted by the designers in the past years. This happens with all kinds of accessories and headdresses 2014 is no exception. Fashion house continues almost imperceptibly to enter into the images of headwear spring-summer and autumn-winter season novelties on the amount or new color combinations. If you look back, it is impossible not to notice how much everything has changed for some couple of years.


General trends in headdresses 2014

Hats are becoming more and more decorative. Thanks to the creative approach of creative Directors who are constantly experimenting with forms of hats, daily fashion slowly but surely turns into evening. Hats that were once massive and functional, each time if imayutsya in size on the heads of the models on the podium, covered with veils and decorative flower compositions, as if saying that despite their presence, do not take them seriously.

Some hats look funny designer improvisation and ordinary essential supplies, which are not familiar to this avant-garde or unexpected ethnics in the evening style, faces a difficult choice. How and what to wear this beauty? Examples of well explain the common combination with clothes, street fashion, and some of the most adaptable to real life podium images. Most importantly – do not be afraid to give free rein to their imagination, because previously approved bastions of tradition are crumbling under the onslaught of the newcomers customs.


Well forgotten old

Caps and hats striving upwards, gaining volume is not wide, as it was before, and leading the way to the top. Perhaps such a straightforward way, the founders of such details would like to make women above and visually slimmer. Not to mention thrust hats to the avant-garde forms – new hats and knitted beanie if urge to reject all complexes and put in the way of a stranger.

головные уборы 2014 Chanel


головные уборы 2014 Lyn Devon

Lyn Devon

Unabated strong ethnic effect that manifests itself in the form conical hats typical of Dior style of the new look, but interpreted taking into account new trends. Now these Chinese hats not extreme diameters and petite, not beyond the outline of the head.

головные уборы 2014 Akris


головные уборы 2014 Badgley Mischka

Badgley Mischka

Retro-style continues to decorate the images of their established charm of femininity and confidence. Next to wide-brimmed hat in the style of the seventies conquers his place under the sun handkerchiefs in the style of the fifties, coquettishly tied under the chin. But as with other trends that are in the minds of the designers is not the first year, retro repeatedly altered, sometimes beyond recognition. So shawls-caret, which were silk in the middle of last century, suddenly appear fur at the dawn of the new Millennium.


Hats 2014

In fashion women’s hats in any season retain its leadership. They are worn in winter and in summer, the only change outfit, under which they are chosen, and the style under which the woman chooses one or the other model. Classic Fyodor, which continues to appear inconspicuous, sober colours (black, beige, grey, wine red), remains the most loved and the most easily combine hat. The main advantage of Fedora is a simple adaptation, because it is easy to write even in the summer way, putting under the ensemble of jeans and top.

головные уборы 2014 Maison Michel

Maison Michel

головные уборы 2014 RagBone


Hat-Trilby is another trendy favorite 2014. Designers continue to revive the popularity of this model, which several seasons seemed to be somewhat overshadowed a more universal fedoras. Some designers shamelessly change the image of Trilby, as if trying to level her with fedoras, giving one after another. These include, for example, French house Maison Michel, the collection of which appeared Trilby with wide soft fields. Also distinguished Rag&Bone, whose Trilby more like pots.

Straw hats become common accessory for every day, and not only the beach, as it was before. Straw hats or hats with imitation under the straw appear in various guises, from classic wide-brimmed hat that covers the shoulders, to miniature models that carelessly throw themselves on top.



Caps, baseball caps, in the English style or simple sports model, is another trend 2014. Couturier, who a few seasons ago was chosen as the sight caps, is not lost – today they put their form unrestrained fantasies, increasing visors to incredible size, while writing these hats with sophistication, bringing net veil.

Tweed caps calm, subdued shades of grey and beige for the connoisseurs of modern principles and English style. Such models, which were previously exclusively male, now firmly among the favorite of women’s accessories. Wishing to demonstrate their commitment to the traditions, designers do checkered cap. In autumn and winter offers leather model with lacquered visors, in the summer – bright models acid colors with plastic visors.


Hats stockings

Thin cap-stockings that are close to head, or a little fall down or sideways, were offered not only in the cold season, but in spring and summer. They are made of lightweight knitted fabric, making such models even combined with beach images.



Images turbans with their Eastern charm continue to fascinate and inspire masters of design for new achievements. Turbans in the spring-summer season is definitely a fashion must-have, the presence of which it is impossible to close the eyes. Turban 2014 necessarily bright, print, from matte or shiny fabric, with a coquettish ties in retro style or concise. Turbans in the spring-summer season are offered such brands as Missoni, Stella Jean, Emiliano Rinaldi. For those who wishes to touch retro traditions, released feminine turbans with decorations in the middle is a large brooches, reminiscent of Indian style. Turbans 2014 made of silk, chiffon, jacquard, satin, knitwear, jatuh tissues.

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