Many diseases and cosmetic problems begin because of lack of proper nail care. Appearance of nails medical professionals can tell us about the state of women’s health, to deliver a specific diagnosis, to give useful advice. Nail care should not be limited to manicure and pedicure performed by a girl alone or beautician, daily application to the skin of the hands and nail softening cream or Biogel. Considerably strengthen nails, returning them to a healthy Shine and attractive look will help olive, almond, rapeseed oil. They are the Champions in the content of essential amino acids, positively influencing the health of the nail plates.
Красота и здоровье ногтей2
To prevent brittle nails 3-4 times a week to wipe them with a cloth soaked in oil with a cotton swab. Such a simple and uncomplicated method of nail care is to adopt the girls, the whole day busy household or work in production. A surprising observation was made by scientists: the nail plate of the adult person acquire a yellow color if it has a liver disease. As you know, a healthy liver and alcohol are incompatible. Because alcohol abuse occurring disease of this vital organ, which will neutralize the impact of toxic substances entering the human organism with food, drink fluids, drugs.
Красота и здоровье ногтей3
Comprehensive nail care necessarily involves a balanced, well-researched, rich in vitamins and useful minerals, diet. The basis of this diet are dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, boiled chicken breast and fish fillet, cooked in multiverse. Strong and healthy nails – achievable dream of any woman.

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