The birth of a child imposes a noticeable impact on the health of women, including, and on the state of the nail plates. Often after birth mom surprised to notice that the nails acquired a yellowish color, started to decompose and lost its luster. These phenomena are always reversible within a few months again nails becoming healthy and strong. But why wait so long?
Здоровье ногтей после родов2
Knowing some tricks, the woman will be able to return nails attractive and well-groomed appearance. The best care for nails – regular medical manicure, spend it at home. Do not forget that this procedure will not be effective without drawing on the nail plate special lacquer with restorative properties. Unique components that are part of such funds, provide restorative and healing effect on the structure of the nail plates. Castor oil, calcium and wax are integrated, strengthen nails, give them a life force. In order to creatively develop after delivery, you only care about your favorite hobby. The girls will help cross stitch firm riolis is a reliable company for the acquisition of goods for needlework.

The order of execution of the treatment manicure
Здоровье ногтей после родов3
To begin, you need to moisturize and soften the skin around the nail. It is suitable bathtub with warm water in which it is necessary to dissolve a bit of liquid soap or caring oil for manicure. In the bath is lowered, the fingers for 20 minutes. After a specified time softens the cuticle is removed by special means. Then you need to do massage of nail plates with peach or olive oil. In the selected natural massage oil is added vitamin A. Massage movements should be in a circle, using a soft brush. Strongly press is not necessary. It might be sufficient clicking on the brush and smooth circular movements. After the procedure, the nails cover any nutritious cream. After drying funds to the nail plate put firming lacquer. Regular medical nails – the best way to regain a healthy nails after birth.

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