Every modern girl watches her appearance constantly. Hands, as well as the person opened the eyes of the people and, therefore, needs to look perfect.
Здоровые и красивые ногти – гордость каждой девушки3
At home you can do manicures, bath and RUB his hands all sorts of creams. And you can seek the help of a specialist manicure. Often, choosing a gift to a girl in Kiev, whether it be a girlfriend, girlfriend or sister, select stop on the gift certificate to a beauty salon.

And here no one will remain indifferent. Every salon is pleased to offer manicures, and not one but several types:

  • Classic, it is also called the cutoff. This traditional manicure, which is popular in countries of the former USSR, while in some European countries it is simply forbidden – it is very high risk of cuts and infection through him.
  • European or uncut. Sometimes classic and hardware. In both cases, the skin around the nail is not cut, but merely postponed. But in the first version manicure is a wizard using a standard set of tools, and the second device with nozzles for grinding.
  • French or French, here the main thing is the tip of the nail, as a rule, make it white, less color and then call it art French. The white tunic is very convenient because it is suitable for any clothes.
  • American assumes oval nails varnished rich colors in tone lipstick.

There are also many facilities for the care of hands, for example:
Здоровые и красивые ногти – гордость каждой девушки

  • Maceration, i.e. manicure including hand washing, baths and application of special funds for the cuticles to soften them. And then you perform a basic manicure, ending with a light massage brush.
  • Paraffin – use warm wax mask on his hands, which helps to rejuvenate the skin and give it elasticity.

By performing the procedure of the house or visiting the salon a few times a month, you get to preserve the beauty of hands for many years.

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