Хельмут ЛангFashion is not always been kind to wilful natures, which made her all that they wanted. To experiment, you need to know the basics – this is the basic rule is relevant both for the fashion and everything else. Austrian Helmut lang denied the claim of the adepts of academic education and proved to work in the fashion to have the desire, imagination and courage to do what seems important and necessary at this time. Of course, a good «обтесала» the grim reality of the fashion industry, but this resulted in the birth of the brand, which easily regained its niche in it.



Helmut lang was born in Austria in 1956. Parents divorced when he was just five months, and up to the age of ten he was raised by his grandparents, who lived in a small village. Landscapes of the Austrian highlands greatly influenced the formation of taste of the future couturier who became famous as a master of asymmetric forms and simplicity of style in the elegance of a cut. Some time lang has studied in the Vienna school of business, not wanting to upset your loved ones, прочивших him a successful career financier, but artistic taste and a train to draw took their.

In the seventies he moved in creative circles of the Austrian capital and searched for my own style. He soon realized that the tacky style with colorful shirts is not what he needs. And addressed to minimalism, which afterwards they have not refused. Or rather, almost did not resist when the already formed individual vision of their own fashion.


The beginning of the path

In 1977 lang established his own Studio in Vienna, and a year later released the first collection under his own name. She was executed in the ethnic style, and according to his own later estimates was awful. He never studied craft, which the majority of his colleagues mastered from the very beginning, so were trapped, what does not sorry. First failure, in which he honestly confessed that he learned a lot from him, after serving for a young and daring couturier a peculiar Institute or school of life.

The first branded boutique Helmut Lang was opened in 1986. Style, followed by the new European designer seemed so innovative that his strange clothes in the tradition of futuristic minimalism had a crazy success in Austria. Then he was invited to take part in the exhibition at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris – the incredible luck for the debutant-taught. In 1987 lang released the first men’s collection and became permanent member of the Paris Fashion Week. Further work of Helmut lang was a study fashion hungry experiments with cut and forms that were not beyond and were not outrageous in the conventional sense of the word.


The painter

Style Helmut Lang is a laconic, minimalism, which are expressed in the smoothness of lines and texture of fabrics, neighboring with asymmetry and rigidity cut. His fashion was never pretentious, but was good enough was created for those who are tired of simplicity, which can be easily mistaken for primitivism and lack of imagination.

Asymmetry and the rough edges of skirts, tops, blouses, sweaters, jackets – main «highlight style» Helmut lang. He felt the inspiration where almost no one was looking for him. Designer often called the creators of futuristic fashion, putting it on par with the Spanish master Кристобалем Баленсиагой and other designers, who came to prominence in the fifties. But this is misleading, because lang did not create architectural fashion, which is recognized at first sight геометричностью forms, cut, which is difficult to adapt to wear in everyday life. Adaptability models Helmut Lang prove famous women who wear his clothes not only on secular outputs, but in everyday life, if they prefer comfort and non-triviality of his.

Clothing brand Helmut Lang has a flair and originality, which appreciates and youth, seeking inspiration in adult fashion, and more Mature women, who are not in a hurry to clothe itself in a proper age suits and dresses with timid cutouts and accurate edges.


Recognition and evacuation

In 1997 lang moved to new York, where I found a lot of admirers of their extraordinary vision as among the buyers of their service, and among famous designers, who became his followers. Helmut lang put in one number with the creators of the classical minimalist elegant and professional fashion, among which Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Nicole Miller, Vivien There.

Austrian perfectly settled in new York environment and was welcomed in the American fashion. In 2000 he received one more proof of that, when the Council of Fashion Designers of America enrolled him into their ranks. But even such a success sometimes has its logical conclusion – a calm and dignified.

Collection spring-summer 2005 was the last work of Helmut lang to its registered mark, in the same year designer retired, handing the reins of the fashion of the Board of the American-new Zealand couple Michael and Nicole Коловос. Care creative Director did not affect negatively the image of the brand. It still produces original models of clothing and accessories in a minimalist style with indispensable «highlight», the thrust towards деконструктивизму, that separates them from the banal, which has no place in fashion pret-a-porter.

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