рисунки хной на телеThe desire to adorn themselves in every woman. But otherwise it seems insufficient just to choose beautiful clothes, do my hair and apply makeup. Want a more spectacular and original decor, such as henna on the body. These drawings in Indian style will create a unique image to stand out in the crowd, to show others your taste.


Almost tattoo

роспись хной на телеTo paint their bodies people began in ancient times. Sometimes this painting wore ceremonial character and was a sign of some life events. Sometimes the body was painted from a purely practical reasons: the pigments was protecting the skin from the scorching sun. But over time, these decorations began to bear only a decorative function.

The surge of interest in applying to the skin of different patterns emerged during the twentieth century. During this century, fashion became more explicit, the women were all naked willingly, disappeared the old taboos and restrictions. Women began to look for ways to make their body more seductive. Simple makeup / beautiful hairstyles became inadequate and in Vogue different images printed directly on skin – tattoos made on classical technology, and body painting with henna.

мехендиNormal tattoos have many shortcomings: they all look less attractive and appropriate, and to get rid of them is often quite difficult. Sometimes this fails, and the tattoo removal leaving ugly spots, resembling dirt stains. In addition, the process of applying tattoos is quite painful, especially on some parts of the body, and not always safe. Since the skin’s integrity is broken, the risk of infection during the “stuffing” tattoo.

It’s another thing henna tattoos. Henna on the body gradually disappears, without having managed to annoy its owner. All-natural dye does not cause skin damage and causes hassle associated with deleting. The application process does not cause absolutely no discomfort, because the drawings are made directly on the surface of the skin.

The art mehndi – namely the so-called henna painting – was born in the East, in India. Another variant of the name – “Mandy”. Its peak popularity reached this direction in the XII century. But today, this decoration is desired by many women.


The advantages of mehndi

What good painting henna on the skin? This method of decoration itself has many advantages:

  • Mehndi is a completely painless method of printing on the skin;
  • Because usually by drawing pictures by using stencils, the process is not delayed for a long time;
  • The cost of the “tattoo” henna always significantly lower than the cost of a regular tattoo;
  • If desired, mehndi can do it yourself at home, thus saving money;
  • If you put the pattern on the skin by the rules, then it will please their owner for about two weeks. Gradually, the picture fades, and then disappears without a trace, not having time to get bored;
  • Henna is a completely natural dye, which very rarely causes intolerance, and therefore suitable for almost everyone. According to some, henna can rejuvenate the skin and improve its condition.

роспись хной по кожеMehndi is the perfect solution for those who loves to experiment with his looks, but he doesn’t like too drastic changes. This method provides a unique opportunity to regularly try new decoration, emphasizing the dignity of his body or masking its flaws.

With such an original decor is quite impossible to remain unnoticed. So mehndi is the choice of self-confident people who like attention.


Application technique

тату хной в домашних условияхTo make a henna tattoo at home is a snap, unless, of course, to choose the space available for printing. Most often, the patterns of henna is applied on hands, but if you wish so you can decorate any part of the body. You only need to take into account that the figure will be sure to attract the attention of others to the decorated area.

Figure you can come up with by yourself or copied from somewhere. To get started is to choose the simpler ornaments. Later, “skill”, you can experiment with complex patterns.

To decorate the body beautiful patterns, you will need very little:

  • Henna drawings for the body;
  • Plain water;
  • Container for mixing of the paste;
  • Pipette;
  • Brush (or brushes) for printing.

To the henna powder with a pipette is added dropwise water to make a thick like sour cream, mass. It can be put in Carnatic, rolled out paper or foil, or applied to the skin with a brush. For beginners it is better to buy ready-made henna paint, packaged in tubes or cornetti.

рисование хной по телуThe skin in the area of drawing it is necessary to degrease and disinfect with alcohol. The next step – applying to the skin oils, preferably eucalyptus. It makes the skin more receptive to the pigments, helps to maintain the beauty of the picture for a long time. Now you need to put on skin patterns with a brush or a paste of henna in a tube. If the drawing is complicated, it is best to outline the pencil lines, and then cut around them with henna. After application to the skin of the patterns to give the pattern to dry for at least 20 minutes. The longer will remain a paste of henna on the skin, the brighter you will get the picture. Then the dried remains of henna out with a spatula.

At first, the picture may not be very bright, but during the day it gets dark. And after a week, the patterns become paler to a couple of weeks to disappear completely. The longevity of the images depends on the type of henna; the concentration of the paste for drawing; time during which the skin is exposed to.

When drawing with henna instead of the eraser can use a cotton swab moistened with water or makeup remover. It is important as quickly as possible to fix all the flaws, otherwise the henna has time to stain your skin, and the figure will turn out sloppy.

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