This plant, which is also known as the honey-grass came to us from America. At present it is actively used as a sugar substitute. And not accidentally. According to his taste, plant 25 times sweeter than regular sugar, but also contains a small amount of calories. In 2006, who recognized the grass safe for the human body and allowed her to use. On what benefit can bring stevia slimming and other aspects of health, you will learn right now.

Composition and medicinal properties

The leaves of the stevia plant are rich in nutrients. Here there are minerals (calcium, manganese, phosphorus, fluorine, sodium, iron, selenium, vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, Riboflavin and Niacin, essential oils of lemon and camphor. But the most important plant is a source of glycosides. These substances, which are hundreds of times its sweetness exceed sucrose, with practically zero calories. Such a composition determines the versatile healing effect of the honey-grass that:

  • improves digestion;
  • activates the metabolism;
  • reduces calorie food and craving for sweets;
  • acts as a mild diuretic, thus ridding the body of excess fluids and swelling;
  • improves skin (increases the smoothness of the skin, reduces wrinkles, fights inflammation);
  • removes toxins and wastes;
  • normalizes blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol in the blood;
  • strengthens the immune system;
  • refreshes the cavity of mouth and prevention of the diseases of teeth and gums;
  • promotes healing of small wounds, scratches and burns of the mouth;
  • helps to cope with physical fatigue, dizziness, drowsiness, apathy.

Features of application

Pharmacies stevia can be found in various forms – tea in bags, just dried leaves loose, syrups, elixirs, standardized extract. Especially popular is pelletized sweetener on the basis of this plant, which, unlike its riddled with chemistry «competitors», does not contain harmful carcinogens and virtually no contraindications.

The leaves of the honey-grass you can also add vegetable dishes, for example, as an ingredient in salads. And syrup great for sweetening drinks such as coffee, black and green tea, mate and even mineral water. Usually such fluids is recommended to drink before meals or replace them Breakfast. This will help reduce the amount of food consumed those who have difficulty controlling your appetite and avoid overeating.

The only thing that should be considered when using this product – it’s hard for him to dissolve in water, so after you put the sweetener in the beverage, you will have a long and carefully work teaspoon. In addition, you can crushed tablets or take a ready powder (food additive E960) and for business use add cakes, jam, fruit jelly and other desserts.

If you decide to use pharmacy stevioside, read carefully the composition. It is important that the product has not been added fructose and sugar. Otherwise, you have just acquired a completely useless to the tool. But when the leaves of tea, please note that the quality of the raw materials must have a brown and green colour.

Indications and contraindications

The world Association of Health acknowledged that stevioside is a useful tool for people with such diagnoses as type II diabetes and hypertension. According to confirmed data, substance increases sensitivity insulinovykh receptors, normalizes carbohydrate and lipid metabolism. Tea with стевией is able to provide real help to those among the identified causes of excess weight are uncontrolled appetite, strong craving for sweets, slow metabolism.

But it does not lack the honey-grass and disadvantages. First, the product has a clear herbal taste. Deprived of his only sweeteners on the basis of this plant and concentrated extract, which is sold in pharmacies and health stores as brown tablets стевиозида. In addition, stevia can be not only good, but also harmful, if not to take into account the following contraindications to the use of the substance:

  • individual intolerance;
  • pregnancy, breast-feeding;
  • allergic to plants of the family Compositae (dandelion, chamomile, chrysanthemum, and others).

Because grass is rich in many vitamins and minerals, you should be wary of it to those who are parallel to enrich your diet with vitamin-mineral complexes, or eating lots of vegetables and fruits. High risk of development of hypervitaminosis. So when you see these unpleasant symptoms as scales and skin rash, hives and itching, call a doctor immediately.

Despite the fact that the use of stevia for weight loss and other therapeutic purposes in healthy people, as a rule, does not cause side effects, stick to the norm (1-2 sweetened drink or 4 ml of the extract on 1 kg of weight per day) and not «сахарите» all in a row.


Julia, 29 years. I used to really sit on the substitutes of sugar. I do not know that the producers have actually add, but I ate them literally loose. Right drug addiction. This continued until a friend is not advised me to try the pill from the stevia plant. Taste and peculiar, but tolerable. Put addition in tea, fruit desserts, dairy products. All natural thing, and thus harmless.

Ksenia, 28 years. Refusal of buns-cheesecakes and desserts I have always experienced very hard, and then there’s the doctor has told, specifying the leap of sugar in the blood. Acquired phytotea with стевией and drinking it regularly for 2 cups a day for 3 months. My achievements – minus 12 kg, the disappearance of shortness of breath and swelling, the normalization of blood glucose. The sports I am not engaged, and the diet has not drastically changed. Only sweet refused, but me to them ceased to pull as much as before.

Natalia, 32 years. Herb stevia I slimming use for a long time and always recommend it. But many of my friends really don’t like its taste. Now, what I want to say. Not that it’s sickening tool actually is. You just think about what you don’t have to force yourself to no голодовкам, nor to abandon sweet nor to physical education. Simply dilute the pill sugar substitute in tea or coffee and you lose weight! Still I add substance in pastries and slightly sweeten cottage cheese. Just a couple of months you’re real, «сдуетесь»!

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