Any diet and pills prove ineffective, if the metabolic processes violated. In other words, if the accumulation and synthesis of nutrients proceeds more intensively the collapse of the calories, fat deposits appear and do not disappear. So the primary task of a person suffering from overweight to make all organs and body systems work like a clock». A tool such as herbal tea, slimming used today quite often. Of course, his mission is not to mercilessly burn lipids. But with this drink can be a good cleanse from accumulated in it toxins, toxins and radionuclides.

Principle of action

Many manufacturers producing supplements for weight loss, consider it their duty to include an assortment of teas – Santimin, Slimcode, «Altai», «Stevia» and other Line flavors all have practically identical – the herbal brew add extracts of pineapple, lemon, blueberries, orange, raspberry.

And that’s part of the main active components varies. This can be extracts of plants that have a diuretic (tea mate) or laxative action, Senna reduce appetite (hoodia Gordonii гордони, corn stigma), interfering with the processes of the formation of lipids and reduce the craving for sweets (Garcinia cambogia) etc.

In addition, in the drinks generally contain valuable auxiliary substances, such as natural immunomodulators, antioxidants, Coenzyme Q10, L-carnitine. All this makes phytotea useful not only for the shape, but for the whole organism. So, among its useful properties, usually distinguished:

  • improved immunity;
  • tonic or, on the contrary, calming effect;
  • stabilization of blood sugar levels;
  • the effect of rejuvenation;
  • productive struggle with авитаминозами.

Usage rules

  1. Choosing collection, carefully review its composition. Feel free to give up drinks, in structure of which there are only components, causes of diarrhea and dehydration.
  2. An important place in the preparation of the collection occupies a choice of water. Tap water is not suitable. Use water that has passed filtered or boiled. This will not only useful and safe, but also a positive effect on the taste of the drink.
  3. Add a Cup of tea, sugar, but nobody forbids you to «stick» a tool such a teaspoon of honey. Optionally, you can add a slice of lemon or lime.
  4. It is important to understand that drinking herbal teas is only one of the stages of weight loss, but to get rid of large excess weight have to make many-sided efforts to move towards a healthy food system, increase physical activity, use aromatherapy etc.
  5. Stick to the recommended period of the course – do not use tea longer than 10-14 days. After that require compulsory week break. Daily dose should not exceed 2-3 cups of drink.

Side effects

Despite the naturalness of origin of the raw material for herbal teas, each ingredient has its own contraindications, and overdosage may cause the appearance of unpleasant consequences. So the reception of any charges requires the prior consent of your doctor. Highlight the common side effects that can occur when uncontrolled use of similar products:

  • violation of electrolyte imbalance;
  • gradual dehydration;
  • excretion of nutrients, in particular the loss of potassium;
  • muscle weakness;
  • violation of kidney function.

In addition, prolonged use of drinks with laxative effect provokes a loss of body independent ability to empty the bowel. And in «exotic» Oriental teas can contain not only botanicals, but unsafe chemical compounds that are highly addictive.

Homemade recipes

Those who are familiar with herbal medicine first hand, know that there are certain herbs that really helps to lose weight in one direction or another. Alternative ready teas sold in pharmacies and the Internet, are fees that you can prepare yourself. Below are the recipes of such drinks.

Recipe 1. With this tool, you can lower cholesterol and reduce appetite. Take in equal parts fennel, chamomile, elder, lime color, mint, stir. For one portion take 1-2 teaspoons of raw materials. Cook drink the water bath and take two cups a day.

Recipe 2. This herbal tea tones, accelerates the metabolism, and at the same time helping to lower blood pressure, which, as you know, obese people are often elevated. Tablespoon crushed mint leaves and Melissa pour 500 ml boiling water. Hour insist under the lid, then strain. Divide the number of drink on 3-4 servings and drink during the day.

Recipe 3. Brew green Chinese tea to all rules, then pour into a bowl and add a little chopped ginger root. About the benefits of both products known to many, and their combination in tea helps organism to burn calories, but at the same time raises immunity and improves complexion.

Recipe 4. The use of the drink will help normalize metabolism and glucose level in the blood, reduce the feeling of hunger, saturate the body with vitamins. Pour a spoonful of fermented and crushed raspberry leaf glass of hot water. Boil the liquid and let it brew tea half an hour. In the ready-made tool, add fresh mashed berries of raspberry.

Recipe 5. Thanks to this composition, you can get rid of excess cholesterol and strengthen blood vessels. Finely chop the one sour Apple and put it in a Cup brewed with black tea. Let it brew for 7-10 minutes. Drink become a great addition to Apple diet.


Kristina, 26 years old. Before I decided to include in the process of slimming teas, I started doing aerobics. The process is underway, but not as fast as you want. And only thanks to drink from herbs I managed for a short time to get rid of many of their problems – swelling, constipation, a high pressure. Ready no fees buy – prepare myself for this and other recipes. Important condition – length receiving such funds should not exceed one month. After that, be sure to make a break in 2-4 weeks. As you can and kidney plant.

Olga, 35 years. I liked phytotea Сантимин». Not to say that I am with him has lost weight, but the feel is much better. Earlier because of malnutrition I had eternal problems of the liver, headache, heartburn tormented, constipation were. Now everything is okay. A friend of mine fan of folk medicine said that this is not surprising, as these drinks contain Cholagogues grass.

Zhanna, 32 years. Several years ago I bought a laxative tea. Like domestic, not Chinese. Began to drink. The first two weeks everything was perfect – more often began to run to the toilet, the body почистился all over the body there is a lightness. But then came the cramps in the stomach. I suffered, because the bags in the package remained was sorry spent. Further – more, started losing hair, exfoliate nails, skin was a grayish. Went to the doctor. He explained that this vitamin deficiency and scolded me for stupidity. They say, purify the body must be wisely and once, but not for a whole month. In General, фитомедицине I believe I’m not.

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