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Overweight is not a modern problem. For centuries women have been making great efforts to become slimmer and, consequently, more attractive to the opposite sex. But before, there was nothing special diets, nor simulators, nor even to this profession, as a nutritionist. Ladies resorted to them bestowed by nature itself. And today, alternative medicine also has respect. What are the most effective herbs for weight loss and as they help to achieve the desired result?

Folk remedies for weight reduction in comparison with the modern products of the pharmaceutical industry will always stand with greater security. Subject to fees herbs softly, not aggressively. Almost all they accelerate metabolism, improve immunity, contributing to the rejuvenation, healing of chronic diseases and effective cleansing of the body. However, the rapid not wait, that seen by many as a clear lack of herbal medicine.

Classification of herbs on the principle of action

Connoisseurs of folk medicine recommended to use for weight loss the herbs that grow in your climate zone in the Altai, the Caucasus, Siberian, although in some cases a high productivity is characterized by the use of well-known Chinese and Egyptian plants. However, in the case of «foreign» raw materials should be extremely careful. First, your body may respond to «allergies», secondly, for the quality and authenticity of natural products you hardly someone will respond.

Reduce appetite mistletoe, stevia,Garcinia cambogia, spirulina algae, Angelica, marshmallow root, St. John’s wort. These plants swell in the stomach, filling a significant part of its volume and thereby upsetting the feeling of hunger and faster, creating a feeling of satiety. Also good results in this direction gives the use of flax seeds.

Laxative effect cause hellebore, sea-buckthorn and rhubarb, dill, and cumin, bark krushin and licorice root, anise and clover, nettle and Melissa, chicory and Cassia Tora. These natural remedies are very gently cleanse the intestines, tone up its walls, eliminate constipation, improve digestion, providing a regular chair. More potent characterized by Senna, which is a part of many dietary supplements and herbal teas for weight loss. Danger of reckless use of such products is fraught with dehydration, vitamin deficiency and habituation body for easy emptying.

Faster metabolism lemongrass, ginger, ginseng, turmeric, Siberian ginseng, rosemary. Plants improve digestion, stimulate metabolism, have a tonic effect, giving energy and mobility. Lately, the greatest popularity in fact, weight loss has earned бардакош – «grass exhaustion», which in addition to the above properties, improves blood circulation in the brain, removes unpleasant smell from the mouth. However, this group is the natural raw materials one side effect of this increased appetite. So if your weight is directly connected with перееданиями, must refer to other фитопродуктам.

Herbs that burn fat – guarana,green tea and mate, Cayenne pepper and ginger, dandelion, horseradish leaves, подорожник.Такие plants, some of which are perceived by us as useless garden weeds, also called термогенными, because they increase the temperature of the body, allowing the body to quickly and vigorously spend save energy, i.e. the calories eaten.

Diuretic herbs – зимолюбка ordinary, plantain, oregano, elecampane, field horsetail and burdock, cranberry leaf. Decoctions and infusions from this material will take to withdraw from the body of your favorite satellites in weight loss, excess fluid and toxins and slags. This group of plants should be used with great caution, uncontrolled drug use can lead to dehydration and cause a deficiency of vital mineral compounds.

Detoxify the body immortelle, dandelion, barberry, corn stigma. Special respect folk medicine deserved milk Thistle. Help to normalize the functioning of the liver and gallbladder. As a consequence, improves digestion, metabolism, and fats do not have time to be deposited in the body as reserves for a rainy day.

Ways of application and recipes

Grass, contributing to weight loss, most often used for making teas, decoctions and infusions. Such tools will fit in the diet of days. You can also add parts of plants, leaves, roots and seeds, vegetable salads as an alternative to traditional fresh greens. An important point to cut them should not metal knife, ceramic or just tear hands. For example, a great addition to a snack from cucumbers and tomatoes will dandelion, mint, sage. Good cooking summer soups of young nettle.

Recipe 1. Take hellebore on a tip of a knife (50mg – no more, otherwise, you can trigger poisoning), swallow and drink down with one-fourth Cup of water. Used tool every morning, necessarily an empty stomach. Duration of use of this herb – 5 months, after which you should give the body the month «relax».

Recipe 2. A teaspoon of зимолюбки pour a Cup of boiling water. Leave for 10-15 minutes. Strain, add a little honey. Eat 1/3 Cup four times a day before meals. Continuous course of this weight loss should not exceed one month, which can leave a 2-3 overweight.

Recipe 3. Tablespoon of Egypt grass бардакош pour a glass of hot water. Insist 20 minutes, strain. Take a drink before meals for the fourth Cup.

Recipe 4. Two teaspoons of white mistletoe pour the boiling water. Accepted infusion in the morning, before Breakfast. To succeed, fasting is not necessary, but stick to some low calorie diet.

Recipe 5. There is a special diet «5 herbs», during which, in addition to dietary intake худеющему offered every day use extracts from various plants (green tea with cinnamon and ginger, calendula, chamomile, St. John’s wort, wild rose).

In addition, herbs to lose weight may be used for preparation of solutions for bathing. So, added to the water infusions of coltsfoot and calendula flowers cleanse the pores and sebaceous glands, stop the inflammatory processes on the skin and lead her tone. Effective will in this case plantain, birch leaves, oregano. Such procedure alone will not give stunning results, but it will be useful and pleasant Supplement to diet and exercise sports.


Aunt Nadia, 43 years. Personally, I feel more trust to natural medicines, and not to chemistry. Herbal slimming itself constitute fees, as I taught my grandmother – completeness of the problem we have family. Thorough lose weight, of course, does not work, but keep yourself at a proper level is attained. Moreover, many women my age already has those or other problems with the stomach, kidneys, liver. So that the plants must help if you know how to use them correctly.

Maria, 32 years. Want to share my «brand» recipe tea from herbs from time to time (without fanaticism) use for weight loss. Mix in equal proportions chicory root (not the one soluble) and dandelion root. Pour a tablespoon of boiling water (250 ml) and leave for about an hour. Strain. Take, within a month, half a Cup (i.e. twice a day for 30 minutes before a meal. To me this drink helps nice to cleanse the body, reduce appetite and as a result, reset 5-7 kg

Svetlana, 29 years. Lose weight with the help of herbs real, but only if you use them as a tool. The first thing to do is go on a diet and increase their physical activity. I do, урезаю caloric intake, use medicinal plants inside, I agree with them baths. And on the cardio machines I do constantly, but the load was doing moderate, not to start to feel for the sport disgust.

Larisa, 34 years. All the mentioned herbs for weight loss, undoubtedly useful. But me in the normalization of the body weight has helped more cheap, fortified and effective means of coniferous extract. It also speeds up the metabolism, cleanse the body of harmful substances, improves the skin and at the same time calms the nerves («seizing» stress is one of the most frequent causes of overeating and completeness). Extract took 10 drops per day for a Cup of tea on an empty stomach, and twice a week’s added in the water bath.

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